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Naturally allard

Birmingham, City and Borough of Birmingham, west midlands

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Naturally Allard is an Eco friendly interior design company that offers both Sustainable and healthy designs. Each design is unique to every client and we work closely with each of you to make sure that your home/office/ restaurant/ shop is exactly how you want it.

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We begin our design process by having a consultation this comes at a fee of £60. The consultation will usually last around 60 minutes depending on the scale of the project. During the consultation we will discuss Styles/colour schemes that you want, if there are any accessibility issues that may affect the layout or restrictions that may come up such as disabilities of anyone using the space, or amount of foot traffic in the space. A budget will be discussed and whether or not that is realistic for the designs you had in mind. The second stage of the process will begin where i will arrange a second meet up with 3 designs again depending on the scale of the project from which you can choose from each one can be modified slightly to add or remove certain aspects you do or don't want. If there are no issues then we begin the remodel where you make the first payment which will be a third of the estimated project costs, this will cover any contractors/builders/maintenance work that may need to take place, if non are needed then it will cover the cost of the painter/decorator and flooring. The third stage of the project will be the second payment for furniture/accessories you required. The final payment will be made on the day of completion of the project.

Naturally Allard can cater for any style within reason from modern to shabby chic, or country farm house or even back through the styles to art- deco.

The thing i love the most about my job is the joy the client gets when they see the ideas and dreams they had for a space come to reality, like a nursery being completed for expecting parents and they can see them selves bringing there baby back to a space that is just what they wanted. A couple getting there first home and having no clue where to start then we sit together and start to put pieces together and they can suddenly see what they want and a home that they put together.

My business like all businesses came from wanting to provide for my children, but more than that i always wanted to be a designer and then when i was looking at interior design i saw a bigger picture i saw how it could help people physical health too, and the environment. Interior design wasnt just painting and decorating it was a way to improve peoples physical and mental health too. Making eco friendly designs would help the environment but it would help people too such as breath easy paint and bamboo floor would reduce the amount of toxins in a home from regular branded paint and even from some carpets. Having a living wall on the side of a building could help improve insulation reducing energy bills and increasing heat in the winter. The biggest thing i saw that inspired me was how creating a Green environment or including natural elements in a home or school could help reduce the symptoms of ADHD and calm those who suffer with it this could help so many families and so many schools cope with this.

Naturally Allard is one of few interior design companies that actually have the option to incorporate eco friendly elements in there designs. But also Naturally Allard is a home grown business with real and true values we want to see the joy on your face when the designs lift from paper to reality, we want to be there with you when bring the elements together to change a house into a home.