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The terms "You are what you eat" and "let food be thy medicine" has been my truth and way of life for several years. My aspiration in life is to help guide people to optimum health through diet and lifestyle.
Healthy living can be tasty and fun, and if you seek to know, I'll show you how.

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8 May 2021

After having eaten a predominantly meat-based diet my whole life and then recently having learnt about all the benefits of a vegan diet, I contacted Daniella for a consultation. That is where my body transformation began.
She provided me with a dietary programme with ongoing support and advice on how to effectively transition from a meat-based diet to a plant based diet and I have honestly never felt better. I have incorporated the meal plan which she tailored specifically to suit my preferences and meet my needs.
I have always struggled to gain weight and I never would have thought in a million years that I could have gained this weight eating plant based foods. She advised me on how to balance energy intake vs expenditure, and how to portion my meals so that I can provide my body with the exact amount of nutrients it needs.
She helped me realise that it is not always the quantity but rather the quality of food that makes all the difference. After just 3 months of following the dietary programme and going to the gym consistently I have put on 10kg’s of lean mass and my body fat percentage has dropped significantly. I also noticed an insane amount of strength gain from the plant based diet.

I would highly recommend Daniella from Natural Nutrition & Fitness to anyone that is looking to transform their body and reach their goals. She does not just provide you with a basic meal plan but she really goes the extra mile and guides you through your journey to ensure you reach your goals.

7 May 2021

I enjoyed every moment of my experience/journey. Daniella Goncalves took the time to get to know me and my daily routine on a personal level to give me the best fitness and nutritional information to suit my lifestyle. I have never felt so great and confident in myself during my journey with Daniella. I lost the weight I wanted to loose and the best results were, I was able to keep it off. I had so much more energy to go on with my daily and sports, the days of feeling tired and lazy all time, where long past me. Her Advice and guidance is highly recommended as She works on what best suits you and your daily routine. More...


A healthy diet along with a healthy lifestyle contributes to longevity and overall health. Our bodies are made up certain elements that needs replacing through the foods we eat. Without the nutrients provided in a healthy diet our bodies cannot function properly which leads to disease.

Helping people. This job is about more than just providing a meal plan; it's about providing people with knowledge and know-how to continue living a healthier lifestyle.

I believe that being a nutritionist should be about the people, not the profit. By having my own business I can ensure my work matches my values and morals.

I have an extremely personalised approach. I take all aspects regarding client's current lifestyle, preferences, family life, economic factors etc. into consideration.

My knowledge, skills, and experience has contributed to great success for all my clients.

Yes. Online and remote services are generally done through zoom or over the phone, depending on client's accessibility.

I am offering online and remote sessions.
For consultations taken in person, face masks and social distancing is required.



The initial consultation will cover:
Nutrition and dietary needs,
Client's end goal,
Chronic or other medical conditions to consider,
Overview of nutritional and fitness plan.

Following the first consultation, the client will receive:
Personalised meal plan,
Personalised fitness plan,
Ongoing support and guidance.

*Personalised packages may differ based on individual needs / requirements.

£25.00 per session.

Sessions to review progress towards client's end goal.
Adjustments to meal and fitness plan if required


A one-off consultation to provide nutritional advice and guidance.

Follow up sessions may be provided at an additional charge if requested by client.