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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Hi there, I’m Natasha, a qualified Career Confidence Coach. I help ambitious professionals to believe in themselves, in order to realise their true professional potential and get them to where they want to be, so they feel more satisfaction in their career.

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27 June 2022

Natasha has changed my professional career life! I have over come my imposter syndrome and am so confident that my company has put me forward on projects. I can speak confidently at events and to customers. Thank you for everything- I will always be grateful. More...

24 June 2022

I approached Natasha as a small business owner who knew that I needed to make more promotional videos, but was uneasy at the thought. Though I would consider myself to be a natually relaxed and confident person, for some unkown reason I became rigid and unnatural in front of a camera.

Natasha put me at ease immeditely and right from the start filled me with confidence that we would overcome my problem together. She talked me though what processes we would be using in the coming weeks, so I had a clear idea of what progression would look like.

Natasha broke down each sesssion into easy to follow managagble chunks and used practical techniques and tips to help me progress. Each session built on the last.

By the time we had finished I was a much more confident and eloquent speaker than I thought possible. I'm amazed at the result.

I would thoroughly reccommend Natasha to anyone who is looking to improve their confidence especially around making speeches or presentations.

9 June 2022

Coaching with Natasha has really helped to build my confidence at work. She's helped me with my presentation skills to speak with authority and ease in team meetings. She's also helped me to engage better with others on a 1:1 basis. Before, I used to be afraid of having difficult conversations at work, but now I don't shy away from them, and actually the way I approach them, they're not as awkward for me or the other person as I origianlly thought. Thank you Natasha. I;ve got a whole new zest for my career now. More...

21 February 2022

I started coaching with Natasha with the hope of finding a way to improve my confidence. I have a 30+ year old school report commenting on my lack of confidence so it wasn’t a small task. The coaching was amazing and with Natasha’s guidance I learned to think differently and put in place actions which were showing benefits after the first session. The difference in my level of confidence is noticeable and my outlook has dramatically changed. My fear was that when the programme ended life would go back to how it was previously but it taught me so much that I can continue to use everyday. Natasha truly worked a miracle and has the skills to enable life changing results. More...

17 November 2021

I found Natasha to be an inciteful, cold pair of eyes looking into my life in a non-judgemental way.

She helped me gain the focus I asked for and what I needed. I realise now I was too close to the inner workings of my life, but the coaching helped me step back from the canvas and see the big picture, which in turn helped me find routes out of the maze I felt I was in.

As well, she has an enviable cheerfulness about her, and a positive can do aura.

21 October 2021

Coaching has been a game changer for me. I'm seeing life & work through a totally different lense now and my negative attitude towards things has really done a U turn. Natasha has taught me how to reframe situations so I'm not always thinking the worst possible scenario, which has allowed me to be braver with making decisions in my career and personal life. More...

19 October 2021

I really disliked my job. I had no confidence in my ability and I used to get so nervous in meetings and when colleagues would ask me questions. Basically I had imposter syndrome. I came to Natasha ready to quit my job, but not knowing what I wanted to move on to next. She really helped me to break the whole situation down and see that I wasn't bad at my job and that I actually did have the knowledge and ability and I was worth the salary my company were payng me. She really helped me to build up my confidence, so much so, that I have been promoted! There's no way that would have happened without the support of Natasha. Thank you so much for helping me to believe in myself. More...

13 October 2021

Life Coaching

Natasha was brilliant. We had a session on finding the balance in life. She had a great rapport with our group, made the content easy to understand and we were able to implement Natashas coaching tips into our daily routine. Highly recommend!!

12 October 2021

I was at a crossroads in my life when I started working with Natasha. I wanted to change my career but was unsure of which direction to go. I was also struggling with finding balance in my home life and finding time for me. Natasha did an amazing job of helping me to identify what options were available to me for my career. She encouraged me to look at what my passions were as well as my strengths and then with some really thought provoking exercises I worked out what my next career step should be. She also helped me to break down the steps to what I needed to do to get there. With that weight off my shoulders, my home life is much more balanced and Natasha helped me to identify what I really wanted to spend my time doing and then how to fit it into my day with ease. I've got the routine and daily habits I thought I'd never achieve and a really exciting new career ahead of me. More...

12 August 2021

I reached out to Natasha at a time where my unhappiness in my career was having an effect on all parts of my life. I thought I had exhausted all options and was getting too old to find a career I would love.

I felt better from my first conversation with Natasha, she was kind, enthusiastic and had a plan for me! Our first session was emotional and long but it felt like progress from the start. Natasha encouraged me to try different methods that I had discounted previously, with a new approach I made some decisions I wouldn't have done before and I start on Monday as COO in an Event Company, quite literally my dream job.

15 July 2021

Life Coaching

Really enjoying my sessions with Natasha, it’s turning into a journey of self discovery triggered by the subtle yet thought provoking questions from Natasha. In only a few sessions I feel there is a positive shift in the way I approach my jobsearching and think about my career progression. Getting down to the nitty gritty of what makes me tick what makes me happy. So glad I took the step of getting the help of a life coach and in particular Natasha who is sincere and determined to get the best out of you. Just the right tone of tough love that I needed. More...

4 July 2021

To state it simply, Natasha changes lives. Her intellect and knowledge place her among the elite coaches. Her personal life experiences provide a unique base of understanding that few coaches can offer, and she lives the life that she promotes. However, the main thing she offers is something very special, a total commitment to everyone she encounters. When you engage with Natasha you will know immediately that you have her undivided attention and she is interested in one thing only, your well-being and happiness.

Annette Szymaniak – School Improvement Professional and Coach

13 June 2021

So far I have had several phone calls with Natasha and a face to face meeting - Natasha is very easy to talk to and quickly enabled me to understand how and where differences to life management can happen. I would confidently recommend contacting Natasha if you would like to make changes to you own life management. More...

7 June 2021

Life Coaching

Natasha Neeson is an amazing Life Coach. We've only had a few sessions but I've achieved big steps. She is kind, relatable, patient. I highly recommend anyone that wants take a leap in a new direction. More...

4 June 2021

Life Coaching

Very positive and focuses on areas where before meeting with her, I found difficult to manage. Now, a steady process of finding time to be kind to myself, everyone else around me is beginning to reap the benefits of my more structured lifestyle.

4 June 2021

Life Coaching

Natasha went the extra mile to encourage and support me through my battle to climb out of my low ebb state so I could believe in myself enough to get the energy together to go ahead with my seemingly outlandish plans.

30 April 2021

Life Coaching

Natasha has been so brilliant! I reached out to Natasha as I was seeking help with a career change. To begin with, I felt a little lost and my confidence was quite low but after just one session with her, I felt a massive shift. With her fantastic support and encouragement, she has provided me with the tools to help me figure out what I want and need from my new job. I honestly couldn't recommend her enough and I guarantee you'll leave every session feeling very positive and excited about the future. More...

21 April 2021

Life Coaching

A really supportive and encouraging introduction call. Natasha seemed to immediately relate to my situation and offered some practical support from the start. I’m excited and scared I’m equal measure about the next stage. More...

11 March 2021

Life Coaching

I am learning more about myself than I could have imagined! Natasha is great at bringing my very busy mind to centred place and is TEACHING me how to break down what feels like impossible goals into granular, thoughtout steps to execute.
She has soo much patience and creates a space of acceptance and self exploration.
Thank you for everything- I enjoy our sessions so much!


I love being able to help my clients make the changes they need to improve their lives. I mean, who doesn’t want a happier, easier life? And my job is to help people get that! Hearing my clients say that they’re now so much happier personally and professionally is music to my ears.

I had been working in London as a TV Producer for a long time and loved it. It was high pressured and fast paced and so much fun. But then as I got older, got married and had kids, the job didn’t fit in with my life any more. I didn’t have the work-life balance I wanted. So after a lot of soul searching (and hiring a coach), I finally took the scary leap and left my job, retrained and became a qualified Coach. It was pretty scary to do but I’m happier now than I’ve been been.

I have had a 100% success rate with all my clients- both the ones I’ve worked with through Bark and hiring via other means. Every single one has reached their goal, whether it’s been a professional or personal one.

I want you to improve your life as much as you want it, therefore I will be your biggest supporter and champion throughout your coaching journey. You don’t have to make these life changes alone. I will be by your side the whole way. I will also hold you accountable and make sure you stay on track.

Clients love working with me because of my friendly, enthusiastic, approachable personality. I will make you feel at ease immediately and make your coaching experience as enjoyable as I possibly can.

Yes, I work mainly remotely via Zoom, Facetime or telephone. However if you’re close enough geographically, I’m more than happy to meet you in person for coaching.

Changing coaching sessions to remote Zoom sessions has been the biggest change. In fact this has been a good thing as it allows my clients to be coached in the comfort of their own home and I’m now able to coach people from all over the UK.


I will help you to identify and get clarity on what path you want your career to go (even if you don’t know yourself) and then create a roadmap to get you there, supporting, championing and holding you accountable along the way.

If your self-esteem, self-confidence or self-belief about your ability at work could do with a bolstering,
coaching could really help. Whether you’re lacking confidence in leadership, talking in meetings or presenting, I can help you rid that imposter syndrome feeling.

As a former National Television Producer, qualified Speech and Drama Teacher and Confidence Coach, I can help you overcome your nerves and doubts about speaking in public. Let me help you get your message across with clarity, charisma and confidence.