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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Life Coach & Executive Coach
London & Derbyshire, United Kingdom
and Global Clients

I work with people to better all areas of their life, be that to minimise stress, develop better relationships, assist in career progression or transition, improve work-life balance, dating, self-confidence and much more.

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4 January 2021

I had just started an exciting new position but I could feel myself becoming overwhelmed (unsure as I couldn’t pinpoint anything specific). Looking back, this was partly due to a trauma I had last year, but I hadn’t realised this until I spoke openly to Narmil.
My confidence to meet new people was at a low. Under normal circumstances, I am very confident, but my inner voice was being overly critical. I felt I needed a coach I could connect with to guide and help me and Narmil fit this profile.
Within a short amount of time, I felt I had resolved and grieved my loss as well as focusing on my self-esteem and confidence. I am grateful to Narmil for her patience and professionalism in helping me at a stage in my life where I felt a little lost.

Mr Huessin, Lead Consultant, Manchester UK

29 December 2020

I reached out to Narmil via LinkedIn to help me with a relationship breakdown I was facing. I had viewed Narmil’s website and I felt some of the things she spoke about resonated with me. During our initial consultation, I felt at ease to open up, which surprised me. With Narmil’s expertise and being very personable, I found the journey more bearable. I was able to gain strength to move forward and still focus on my professional life without causing a detrimental effect. I am grateful to Narmil for her understanding and guidance. She listened and provided help even outside of our sessions and our time zone was not an issue. I am now in a much better place to move forward.
Thanks, Narmil!
Brad, Partner, International Law firm, USA

7 August 2020

"I’ve never tried any form of one-to-one training, coaching, therapy, so you can imagine that I was slightly sceptical I didn’t know what to expect from life coaching. I was introduced to Narmil by another life coach, who suggested we would be well-matched. Within the first video call I knew she understood my story. I felt comfortable to share personal details, and she approached subject matters with empathy and sensitivity. Before meeting Narmil I didn’t realise how to push myself to do better. She assured me that I already had a plan and knew exactly what I needed to do with my life, but without her helping hand, there are a number of goals I simply wouldn’t have achieved before working with her.”

Sophia Charalambous, Journalist, Stylist Magazine, London, UK

7 August 2020

"Coaching with Narmil has undoubtedly been a positive experience for me. After the questionnaire and first session we clearly identified the two areas that needed the most attention, and since then we have been focusing on them. Whilst is has been important to maintain the areas that were going well, I have had a greater clarity about how and where to channel myself and achieve the targets that I have. The sessions with Narmil have served as a catalyst for these realisations and I would definitely recommend her to others who are looking for coaching in their careers. She shows a keen and genuine interest in you, and this attention really does make you feel that she is fully on your side."

Johan Nayar, Director, Editor & Composer, UK

7 August 2020

"Coaching with Narmil exceeded my expectations. I am so pleased with my results which were in the area of career advancement and personal development. I found Narmil to be extremely professional, articulate, always positive and has a great sense of humour.
Narmil helped me focus from our very first session by creating a plan that addressed my challenges and to help me move forward towards my goals. Narmil would set me tasks to do some of which were outside of my comfort zone however, upon completing them I felt a great sense of achievement. At times when I didn’t know what to do next, Narmil would guide me in the right direction thereby keeping the momentum going. Narmil always came prepared for the sessions with ideas and thoughts.
On occasions, when I procrastinated Narmil held me accountable and would ask me why I had not completed the task. I truly know I would never have achieved my results had I not worked with Narmil. My results from working with Narmil have been I have got promoted within my department, I am more confident and excited about my life ahead.
I enjoyed every moment of working with Narmil, her professionalism always shines through and she has brought out the best in me. Thank you Narmil you are an amazing coach!”

Serena Amber, Associate Consultant at Burberry Ltd, UK

7 August 2020

"Narmil is truly professional and very personable with a strong business acumen. I found my coaching sessions to be highly effective. I had two specific business goals to achieve and we discussed these in detail. Narmil helped me to set up an action plan to turn them into fruition.

She showed me other possible alternative options and perspectives on how to deal with my goals. With Narmil’s extensive professional consultancy career I felt we had a great connection and she quickly understand where I currently was, the challenges faced and where I wanted to strategically move ahead. I felt confident that we were speaking the same language.

One of my goals changed due to challenging external factors and Narmil’s agility helped me to adapt my plan of action by re-evaluating and reprioritising. She is fully present, focused and committed to achieving success. Narmil’s intuition and her culturally rich diversity are highly invaluable and an asset.

Narmil provided support between sessions by email and telephone which was excellent and I could stay in touch when required. She builds trust very quickly early on and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Narmil.

She offers encouragement throughout but is also direct in her approach when required and held me accountable. She has a unique aura of calmness and asks inquisitive questions to really deep dive into your thinking and goals.

Narmil is full of energy and positivity and has a great sense of humour. She is truly worth the investment in developing ones-self and taking you up to the next level.

I have recommended Narmil to my peers and colleagues and I will have no hesitation in requesting her services again in the near future."

Rajbir Sandhu, Vice President Sales, JCB India Ltd (Global Construction Manufacturer)

7 August 2020

Narmil is very professional, knowledgeable, strategic, experienced and skilful within Life Coaching, Career Coaching and Corporate Coaching.
Narmil has a quality that makes a difference she, is a very loyal person, very kind, friendly and attentive.
If you are thinking about working with Narmil, don't think about it anymore. She's the Go-To person! Narmil will help you solve your problem, get you to the next level and will give you more than you expect.
Thank you so much for all you do Narmil. You are amazing!

Samuel Rosario, General Manager and Time Management Specialist, Dominican Republic


I love getting results for my clients by helping them to resolve any problems or issues they may be facing and subsequently seeing them grow. I enjoy the interaction and strive to make the sessions as enjoyable as possible whilst maintaining the key goal of achieving the best outcome.

I see coaching not only as a job, but as a vocation. Therefore, starting my own coaching practice has allowed me to better meet the needs of my clients by affording me greater flexibility in working hours thus also enabling me to work across all time zones with international clients.

I am incredibly passionate about what I do and have worked successfully with numerous people in a variety of life and career coaching areas, achieving major results. My background is in a corporate sector, working in major cities for blue-chip global clients. My coaching is results focussed and I tailor each session to suit the needs of the individual, therefore I offer a free one-hour consultation to see how we can work together and discuss what you want from life. I am also available 24/7 in between sessions if required.


Life and Executive Coaching
For those wanting to achieve a specific life goal (such as a promotion or transition into a new career) and are unclear on which direction to go or how to proceed, I have structured programmes that provide clarity and break this journey down into manageable steps on how to reach your result.