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The Akashic Records are known in the Bible as the Book of Life, and is a living field of energy, containing a library of information. The Akashic Registers are often referred to as the Book of the Soul, the Book of wisdom. It is a treasury of personal knowledge of the past and present from every lifetime, as well as future possibilities for the evolution of the soul As soon as a soul begins to experience life, a field of energy is created that gathers knowledge and holds the individual’s record.

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21 January 2022

working with kavita was eye-opening and left me feeling reassured and lighter. she helped me to phrase questions in a way that would be the most helpful to me, which i greatly appreciated! overall a wonderful reading :)

12 December 2021

I had an Akashic Records Reading with Kavita and it was wonderful! Everything has resonated with me and brought me healing and clarity on what I needed at this time.
I am grateful that I was guided to have reading with Kavita. She has an amazing gift and I felt safe and held in this virtual space she has created. Thank you so much again for this reading Kavita!

29 September 2021

I am so greatful for the reading from Kavita, for so many guidance especially a new prospective view to a better relationship with my sister that I love so much.🙏❤ thank you Kavita.

24 August 2021

Kavita is kind, caring and thoughtful and very wise. She fills me up with her confidence and enthusiasm for life. Her intuition was spot on and I would highly recommend a session with her.

23 August 2021

Kavita is incredibly knowledgeable about spirituality which is a blessing in and of itself. My Akashic Records reading with her was laser-focused and brought me a ton of clarity - which resulted in me being able to move forward with the issue at hand very quickly. Overall, I felt safe, seen and heard, which is super important to me. Thank you Kavita! More...

21 August 2021

Kavita is very warm, approachable and knowledgeable. She provides a fantastic readings and I'm so glad I decided to do it with her . Thank you Kavita,

20 August 2021

Immediately it was clear that Kavita is a dedicated life-long student of energy healing. Her passion is evident by her undivided attention and laser focus.
My Akashic Record Reading was incredibly helpful. Kavita quickly narrowed in to my challenge to ask the right questions to the Record Keepers. She was able to give me insight and practical actionable steps to clear past contracts and vows that no longer serve me, and are no longer relevant to my Life-path progression.
Energetically, I feel lighter, calmer, and in better alignment. Thank you, Kativa for sharing your gifted talents with me. I am forever grateful.

20 August 2021

Simply incredible, what a brilliant experience, made me look at life in a completely different viewpoint for the better. Would highly recommend. Would also like to point out how lovely and welcoming Kavita is through the journey. Brilliant! More...

20 August 2021

Kavita was very welcoming from the moment we connected online. She took me into a beautiful mediation and then asked to receive guidance for me, from the Akashic record keepers.

Together, they provided me with a heart warming message of guidance and wisdom. It was exactly what my soul needed to hear in that ‘now’ moment and has helped to reassure me.

Kavita took much joy and pleasure from connecting with the Keepers. It’s her calling to carry on bringing these messages alive.

20 August 2021

I had an absolutely beautiful reading with Kavita. I felt safe and comfortable, and like she understood what I wanted to get from it. I am looking forward to going back again soon and would definitely recommend to others that are interested in seeing what it's all about. More...

20 August 2021

My reason for rating a full 5 stars is simply because I’ve had an amazing , profound and very deep experience. I’ve had my Akashic reading done before. Therefore I can say with a total confidence that Kavitas reading are really amazing. I have prepared some questions before the reading and written them down on a peace of paper and what amazed me the most was that I have been given answers to nearly most of them before I had a chance to ask those questions. Also the very preparation for the reading with a short cleansing meditation was very stimulating. I felt my entire body went into massive energy upgrade. Felt tremendously amazing. Still working with some affirmations I was given during the reading by my guides but already feeling a change in me. And on top ever since the reading I have noticed a positive shift in synchronicity. Many positive events happening same time. Therefore I do recommend from the bottom of my heart readings with Kavita. Specifically if you are looking for some guidance, deeper understanding and are ready to find out who you really are and what is your purpose. Thank you Kavita
I’ll be back.
You are amazing

20 August 2021

I was delighted with Kavita’s Akashi record experience..,,
It completely resonated with me and was relieved to find that I’m on the right path .
She also answered my question re a past life with my now husband where I strongly felt that we had met before .
I highly recommend her ! 💫

20 August 2021

This reading was truly amazing. Helped me to understand more about where I come fron, why I am the way I am, and where I am going. Provided direction and clarity for me to see how I can help my own personal growth. Am excited to do more readings to help myself learn about myself to grow and to move my life forward. More...

20 August 2021

The insights and wealth of knowledge soulful friend brings is amazing. The guidance and words give me immense joy and always changes my perception on life.
I would recommend anyone to try it.

20 August 2021

It was like nothing I’ve experienced before and not what I expected. The session began with a short meditation designed to cleanse the chakras and integrate the divine universal energy with the pure energy of Mother Earth. This was a beautiful and exhilarating experience. We then went into the Reading session and it was, well, more normal than I expected. She had her eyes closed, asked questions and received answers. They were spot on, it all made sense. I’ll admit, I went in with a 2% doubt that it was for real, but I left feeling like it 100% must be real - there were too many ‘coincidences’ for it to not be. I learnt so much from my reading about my relationships and why they are the way they are, how to improve them, my ability to manifest a life I want and how to progress my soul on its journey in this lifetime. I can happily say I meditate on these learnings frequently and I can already see positive change in my life. Thank you! More...

19 August 2021

What a beautiful calming and enlightening experience, a lovely soothing voice to help guide us into meditation and she really understood what I was trying to have answered

Thanks again

Namaste x

19 August 2021

I had the most wonderful experience having my records read with Kavita. She was warm and open. She took careful time to ask my questions to the record keepers and guides and passed on their words compassionately. It was a lovely reading and I’d highly recommend Kavita to anyone! More...

19 August 2021

Kavita is very passionate and spiritual person and I really enjoyed and I am grateful for her reading from Akashic records…she is a great channel for reading and the information I received was very helpful and very positive…I have applied it in my life and it’s definitely working…


My quest is to help with transformation and prosperity. We are all capable of living our best life. Sometimes we all simply need a helping hand to show us how to achieve this. Meeting others and being able to bring about a change in their lives, however small that might be - this is what motivated me to train as and Akashic Record Practitioner.

As a full time employee at a guest house in the UK, I offer help with the Akashic Record reading in my spare time. This fulfils my desire to help and also to be helped by those I come into contact with.

Honesty, Integrity and Compassion. Namaste is a Sanskrit word which mean the sacred in me recognises the sacred in you. This Universal Truth is in the centre of all my beliefs in life. We are all going from duality into oneness and my humble wish is to help myself as I help others on this journey.

I am happy to offer Akashic Record reading on zoom.


I offer Soulful Akashic Record Reading to help you to understand what stage your life is when you come for your reading with practical solutions to transform your life into abundance.

The Akashic Records can answer a variety of questions for us. Questions about past lives, or current issues. Whatever causes us the most pain/struggle or limitations.

Having these questions answers by your Masters, Teaches and Loved Ones (MTLO’s) can be incredibly enlightening and can literally change the way we look on our lives and live it. Akashic Record readings can bring great peace and clarity. They can also help us remember who we are, why we chose to be here, who we’re in Soul contracts with and for what reason, and what we incarnated to accomplish in this life.

This is why it is important to work with an authentic guide or reader, who is in communication with the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones of the seeker at all times throughout the reading.