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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


My aim is to empower YOU to see your greatness. I am merely here to facilitate your exploration and provide the means in which to do so. I am here to help you make, exceed, meet your professional and personal goals. I am here to provide the client with the tools to face life and see life past difficult situations and getting past the emotional barriers.

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17 March 2020

I hadn’t had life coaching before until I came across Nailah. I initially thought life coaching was a form of counselling allowing me to exercise my demons; I was completely wrong.
I had been grappling with issues surrounding my father for a number of year; in hindsight, wasted years. I blamed him for what he didn’t do not what he did do. Speaking with Nailah gave me an insight to what was possibilities and what I could create with my father from a new prospective and a way of being. She made me really look – I mean look at who I was and what was I expecting from him and what did I want for myself.
Our coaching sessions were emotional for me – and how I hate crying. I always felt crying was linked to me being weak but sharing with Nailah changed all that. I was able to be myself, speak from a place of truth and from the heart. She is a great listener and task-master! She’ll get you into action and really help you to look at what's going on and explore your life journey. She has what I described as having an ‘old’ head on ‘young shoulders. Her voice is very reassuring and non-judgemental.
Nailah has given me a few sessions so far, and each time I have gotten so much from each session. Right now, things have shifted and I feel much more equipped to move forward without a deluge of past hurts and a trunk-load of stuck emotions. Incidentally, Nailah is excellent at looking where I am in the present. More power her and I wish her well on her own journey of discovery.!

23 February 2020

Nailah has coached me through 2 separate projects and I’ve found her to be really compassionate, as well as straight talking. She asked the kind of questions that got me to see through my self-made confusion and insistence that nothing was working, and empowered me to make the decisions to get my project clarified and going in the right direction. At first it seemed that she was just putting my questions back to me: but actually by doing this, it made me see that I do know the answers - I just needed some guidance to get to them. Powerful stuff! Next we are working on long term planning and goal setting - I’m really looking forward to it!" More...

23 February 2020

I was amazed at how safe I felt to explore my feelings with Nay. She effortlessly held a confident and non-judgemental space and I felt really held and supported in my journey. Through her deep listening and presence, I was able to really open up and explore some deep personal things, and gain the insights and clarity I needed to transform my situation. More...


I absolutely love helping people throughout their process, nothing gives me more pleasure than that.

I realised I am empathic person and have a natural ability to not only listen and understand human needs but able encourage personal growth within others. I recognised that seeing people's lives transform, gave me a sense of fulfillment, a sense of purpose, satisfaction and joy

My ability has proven its abilities. I believe that my experiences has not only allowed me to grow but me able to be openminded.
I do the best i can with the knowledge i have, to maintain strong interpersonal relationships with my clients. I am passionate about providing care to those needs. which keeps me motivated and excited about doing my best work.


*Finding a balance in life
*Power to make decisions
*Freedom from resentment
*shifting your pass
*The ability to express oneself
*peace of mind
*Relating to others
*Career paths