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We are a consulting business helping other companies with implementation or/and improvement of their Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2015).
Also, improving their internal processes from quotation stage to after-sales and customer complaints.

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To see customer satisfaction, when the work is completed and improvements are in place.

To give a chance small organizations in obtainig robust Quality Management System and ISO certification.

- Implementing and using tools widely available, not overcomplicating things
- Using standard language to be understood by these who are not very familiar with certification and Quality Assurance
- Giving a choice of the extent of work / co-operation. The customer is always a priority!
- Using experience obtained in last 15 years in various industries (general manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, oil/gas)
- Clear pricing structure

Yes, using Skype, Teams. Exchanging files via email or cloud services.

Remote meetings and audits are always recommended.


Creating Quality Management System (QMS) from scratch

Taking care of your QMS – full service.

Internal Audits:
Creating Internal Audit Plan and conducting your all planned internal audits.

Management Reviews:
Preparing, conducting and action planning for your ISO 9001:2015 management reviews

Suppliers Audits:
Auditing your existing suppliers in order to verify their compliance. Auditing your potential suppliers in order to check their ability to become your approved ones.