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Hi there. I am a pharmacist and counsellor. I have always had a passion for listening and helping others. I believe in holistic therapy as it's safest but having a degree in pharmacy means that I can offer medical help if needed as well.


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15 December 2020

Shaama has been of great support and guidance throughout my bereavement and self-improvement. I can't recommend her enough for her service!

24 June 2020

Very welcoming and promising. Would recommend

Thank you Micah for your kind response. God bless.

22 June 2020

I was very uneasy about talking to someone about things that I'm going through but this kind lady made it so easy for me to speak. During our first initial call, she some how gave me enough confidence to actually say what I wanted to say. Even in my head, I retract, out of shyness or getting or anxious but I just felt comfortable and spoke freely for the first time in ages. I'm definitely going to have more sessions. Thank you. More...

Thank you so much and I thoroughly enjoyed working with you towards a better and more positive you.