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Muddy Paws Club is focused on getting to know your pup and all of their wonderful quirks so we can tailor our service to meet their needs. Never taking more than four dogs to a pack, our walks focus on both mental and physical stimulation to ensure they return home content and ready for a snooze.

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7 customer reviews

29 November 2020

I recently started using Muddy Paws Club, they are fantastic, very friendly and professional. My dog, Charlie, has previously taken a little time to be sure of new people, but absolutely adored Nic from the first time they met. Would highly recommend!

13 November 2020

Muddy Paws were fantastic! Nic was friendly, very professional and even gave me some advice on walking my Cocker spaniel pupper, who loved Nic.

10 November 2020

Nicola at Muddy Paws Club is just fantastic, I can see how much she absolutely adores our little pup Jeremy. They are never late and I always know Jeremy is in good hands when he is with Muddy Paws Club.

9 November 2020

I'm really impressed with this service- the owner, Nic, is so friendly and instantly hit it off with my dog and they are the best of friends already. Highly recommend!

9 November 2020

Muddy paws club have been walking my cheeky cockapoo pippa for several weeks and Nic and pippa have a special bond. Nic is kind, has a huge amount of love for dogs and the perfect friend for pippa!

9 November 2020

Nicola is extremely passionate and professional. She treats my Leo as if he is her own dog. Leo can't wait to go walking with Nicola, they have the best time together. I could not recommended Muddy Paws enough. More...

9 November 2020

our cocker spaniel Luna loves her walks with Nic, and now she finally comes when she's called! success!


Being able to spend my whole day with my four-legged pals. It's a dream job!

After spending 7 years behind a desk I needed a change. So I combined my love for dogs and the the great outdoors, and launched Muddy Paws Club.

Our pups are at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make. This is more than a walk in the park, this is dedication to each pup and their needs. We focus on quality over quantity, never taking more than 4 dogs in one session and are passionate about positive reinforcement and developing a trusting bond with each animal.

We aim to provide nourishing sessions that will get their legs moving and their brains ticking, so when they return home, they'll be ready for that afternoon snooze.

1. The initial meet and greet is now either a doorstep meet or in a local park.
2. When picking up the dog, if the owner is home (where possible) we ask them to make sure their dog has its harness on before their walk, we secure the front gate on arrival so the dog can come out of the front door to meet us at the gate.
3. We use our own leads, toys and any other accessories we need on the walk.
4. We advise the owner to sanitise the harness when their pup arrives home.
5. All of our procedures have been emailed to each client so they know in advance and to give them an opportunity to discuss any concerns. It's important that all of our customers are happy.


With never more than 4 pups to a pack, we like to spend time getting to know your best pal so we can pair them with like-minded pups to play with and to make sure we’re reaching our full #squadgoals potential.

We focus on quality time together where they can play with their best pals, run until their heart’s content and be showered with love and attention from their walking buddy. At the end of our club walk your pup will feel happy and revitalised (or more likely ready for a snooze!).

£15 per hour

Is your pup channelling their inner Destiny’s Child and feeling their independence? Then they will love Flying Solo. With a whole hour of undivided attention from their walking buddy your doggo will feel like the only dog in the park.

It’s really important to us that we get to know your best pal so we can build an experience that’s tailored to your dogs’ mental and physical needs. Flying Solo aims to get those legs moving, brain ticking and has a tail-wagging guarantee.

£25 for 1.5 hours.

This sounds like an absolute dream, right? Two little fluffy pups becoming the best of friends and let’s face it another 100 pictures added to our dwindling phone memory. But all fun aside, this is a very important part of growing up. Socialising puppies (from 13 weeks after all vaccinations) with people, other animals, and fellow pups means that what is actually quite overwhelming when you’re only a foot tall becomes familiar.

Everything is brand new to them and the great outdoors can be rather daunting. These play dates will help them to get to know their surroundings in a safe, nurturing environment whilst teaching them life long skills that will help them to become the ultimate good doggy.

£18 for approx 45mins-1hr

Are you on walk three of the day and yet your fluff ball is still bouncing around the room? Then Run Club is for you! Running up to 10K, we give your pup the chance to burn off that extra energy whilst keeping them happy, fit and agile.

Because not all furry friends are alike, we only offer this service to breeds that are more built for running. Before we lace up, we make sure that your pup is fit, healthy and suitable for hitting the pavement.

Offering two runs a week (rain or shine) with a maximum of two dogs per session, our spots fill up fast.

£20 per run.

5 group walks for the price of 4.

1 walk per week for 6 weeks