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Get a free quote from this professional

‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


You want a website that works for your business.

Maybe you’ve already tried to build your own website...
And, found yourself frustrated with the process or unhappy with the final result. ?

Or maybe you had a website built or did it yourself and you were happy but that was a while ago and now you know your website is dated.

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4 customer reviews

29 January 2020

Kerry designed me a new website using WIX. She really captured the feel of my audience and exactly what I wanted from the design. I was well chuffed. Thanks Kerry!

11 November 2019

We worked with Kerry from Motacilo several times over the course of this year. Kerry is a highly motivated, intelligent and talented individual who bubbles with enthusiasm. Her drive to succeed ensures that she always delivers. More...

11 November 2019

Kerry is an outstanding designer and digital marketer. She has an eye for visual detail, sharp and laser-like and copywriting skills that genuinely will butter your parsnips.

Kerry was instrumental behind the successful launches of several new brands, and breathed new life into our existing email and advertising campaigns and worked on everything from advertising on petrol pumps, to exhibition display, traditional print and every type of digital media that exists.

11 November 2019

Kerry at Motacilo designed me a poster for my local pilates class.
I loved the design, it was perfect. And, it actually did increase numbers in my class! Thanks again, Kerry.


A great website should first and foremost be attractive and appealing to your target audience. It should capture their attention and interest as soon as it loads.

It also needs to function perfectly, load quickly, be on-brand in both colour scheme and feel, have Search Engine Optimisation included within the website, and be organised well so that the end-user can always find what they are looking for on your website.

I also believe it should be created in a way that makes it easier for my client to edit in the future if they want to. Now, many of my customers have some skill on the computer or have a team with these skills but simply do not have the time or the resources to update their entire website or landing page, but an odd tweak to pricing or opening times here and there should be as easy as possible for them to do themselves.

When I hand over a great website to my client, I know that it will be in good hands, because they will be able to use it effectively.

I think it's so incredibly important to have a good conversation with a client before beginning work, as this helps me to get a good idea of their vision and their customer base. Some of the questions I will ask:

Do you have a website domain already?
Do you have a logo/brand colours?
What are your best customers like?
Have you seen any other website that you like the feel of?
What is the main goal of your website? (leads, informative, sales, awareness, etc.)
What are the links to your social media channels?

I'll spend a great deal of time thinking about a project before starting as ideas often come at the strangest times - when walking to the shop, or chopping up veg for dinner.

Plus, I like to gather up as much information as possible, as this gives my 'creative fire' more fuel to work from. I’ll research similar ideas, companies, concepts, or works, to fill my brain with as much as I can.

Often I like to draw out rough ideas first and see how they look on paper.

Next, I move onto the colour-scheme of the project and figure out how to make everything work together in harmony.

Then, I will go through images (and other content) and choose the best ones for the project.

Finally, before moving into the ‘meat’ of the work, I draw my ideas out in more detail. I work from these for the first draft of the project.

I always tell myself that the first draft is the worst, and even though I’ll usually quite like it, there’s always room for improvement. So I edit and change things.

This is when I’ll usually send the first version through to the client, readily awaiting feedback to make it even better.

This can vary widely depending on the client and the project.

This is because some clients will wish to provide the content and copywriting themselves, some will wish to hire a separate copywriter, and some would like me to do this.

I will always ask quite a few questions.

I ask for any pictures or video that you have that can be used on the website or project.

I will ask to see past or present marketing materials to get a real solid feel for your business.

I will ask about your customers, who your best customers are.

I will ask about how you market your business or plan to market your website after launch.

My passion comes from seeing an idea come to life.

And, it’s a wonderful feeling, being able to use your creative energy and ideas, to help a business or a sole-trader promote themselves and grow.

It had been a dream of mine for a long time to work as a freelancer, and it just seemed as though everything lined up at the right time for me to do so.

I get a huge amount of job satisfaction now that I have set up my own business, and enjoy my work immensely as I can see how much good it can do for my clients.


Your very own brand-new, fast, on-brand, WordPress website designed to attract and retain the attention of your ideal customers.

A basic website set-up starts from just £400

Your new website comes with a one hour tutorial at the end over skype or Zoom, to show you exactly how to use and edit your own website. So, you don't need to pay anyone for a simple change to prices or opening hours.

Your new website comes with stunning, on-brand design that you are proud to show off on your social media channels.

Your new website comes with basic Search Engine Optimisation designed to help small businesses gain more authority on Google.

Do you have a website that is clunky, old, difficult to use or, well, maybe just a little bit embarrassing?

I can update your website on WIX, Wordpress, Squarespace, Shopify, and any other platform (although I would always recommend switching to WordPress, as I believe it is the best option out there and it can be set up in a way to make your future use of the site easy-peasy).

Always with SEO, always with gorgeous design, always with the customer in mind, always with creative ideas for your business. Get in touch!

I worked within email marketing for around five years and have an excellent knowledge of HTML and CSS to design email templates that look beautiful in any mailbox.

You also get my knowledge of GDPR, good sending practices, and email marketing campaigns. We can also work together to set up automated triggered email campaigns for your audience.

I have used mail chimp, elastic email, dot digital, and several other email sending platforms in the past. Get in touch to discuss your needs!

If you have an email marketing platform, I can help you set up an automated triggered campaign for your audience.

We can even integrate most email marketing platforms with your sign up forms on your websites - saving you the headache of copying and pasting! (Though this does depend on your chosen email marketing platform!).

Before focusing on website design I also worked within graphic design, creating many logos and designs for clients in the UK.

My main passion is for website design but I can also provide graphic design services for websites and social media use. Hire me to design your next amazing infographic. Or, I can help you provide interesting exciting content for your website or social media platforms.

I've worked in marketing to run social media for businesses and now run all of my own to promote my own freelancing work. I can help you use social media to drive traffic to your website and create leads.

This goes hand in hand with website design, SEO, PPC, and other paid-for advertising online. Once your website is built the next thing to do is promote it to the right people, and create a steady stream of visitors to your website.

Converting people on your website is important! But, it is impossible without first bringing people to your website.