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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Welcome to Mighty Security Cover Limited. At Mighty Security Cover, we are driven by high standing principles and unswerving professionalism.

OUR VISION: Mighty Security Cover embodies the true spirit of protecting precious lives and mitigate catastrophic incidents and unwarranted outbursts that may threaten the welfare of people.

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14 August 2020

I booked them for a private party for my birthday. They have absolutely outstanding service! They came on time, were well dressed, and had a positive attitude all through the night. Their job was to accept or reject people according to the guest list. They provided a firm hand in enforcing the policy. No uninvited guests were able to join the party. I am going to recommend this business to my friends as they provided an excellent service. More...


Mighty Security Cover Ltd is a bespoke security and crowd management services company that was envisioned by three highly skilled and exceptional security personnel. Aided with years of extensive experience, we set out to establish a company that would provide innovative and strategic solutions for modern day security requirements. We have integrated these tried-and-tested methods into the business’ core systems. At Mighty Security, we have a mission to provide industry leading, professional and covert security services. That’s why we hire individuals who are ambitious and passionate about security services. We believe in endorsing diversity and train our stewards to be respectful and tolerant of all cultures and ethnicity.

For the past six years, I, the security manager, have garnered a vast range of experiences that have inevitability developed both my on-the-ground and managerial abilities. I have overseen security and stewards at stadiums, public events, concerts, west-end shows and winter wonderland. I aim to work closely with the event host and plan accordingly to your specific requirements. We consider you a member of our team, working collaboratively towards the common goal of the attendees’ safety; helping each other, developing relationships, building a partnership, communicating effectively, understanding each other’s roles and learning how to fit into the team. This teamwork is paramount to our organisation as we believe that it lays the foundation to maximise and maintain efficient security services.

Our highly professional and well—groomed SIAs and stewards are not only highly trained and experienced, but are also extremely passionate about security. We believe in endorsing diversity and training our staff to in order to provide a safe working environment and to meet your expectations. Protection of the vibrant and energetic venues, covering London areas and outskirts would be a privilege for all members of our team to work with different clients whether you are, individual that just needs a day security or small business to a large organisation, we
are please to help you and your organisation. We aim to put our focus on our client and immediately ensuring that we are meeting your need with excellent standard. We believe that your business and customer safety is our upmost priority. At Mighty Security we focus on both the people and the results. We desire to deliver quality services giving our clients and their customers protection with no fear of their unsafety. We strive to for them to get home to their families with the satisfaction of a successful and pleasurable event. With these objectives in mind, we have operated at a number of events and achieved great success. We are driven and committed to deliver even greater successes to you.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this tender. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.