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We offer a range of specialities including: fat loss, resistance training and sport specific programmes as well as nutrition plans.

Merseyside fitness strives to bring you the best workouts and get you the best results.

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19 customer reviews

22 March 2019

One of the best gyms one can find in Liverpool city centre. Especially best if you work in surrounding area.

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4 March 2019

Very helpful and encouraging staff. Lots of machines plus free weights. Sunshower and sauna. Nice spacious showers and very clean bathrooms and changing areas with lockers available all the time.

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17 February 2019

Clean large gym with two floors. The gym has finger print security and well equipped with many machines and peripherals. There are many classes that take place in this gym for every day of the week. The changing rooms are large and have nice clean showers, sauna and hair dryers. Peak hours it can smell and at times get a little too hot during summer. More...

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3 January 2019

If I loved this gym it's mainly because of the staff. I have a PT called James that makes my days easier there. Although the gym doesn't offer as many opening hours that others, knowing that is one of the most expensive, it is big and never smells bad in the changing rooms. Machines are usually working and the middle floor is well equipped. The upper floor has everything for a good cardio session! More...

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1 July 2018

Really nice staff, good equipment and you definitely get a lot for your money (it’s only £14 a month).

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1 July 2018

It provides everything I need. However, I would recommend some aromatizers. Sometimes the smell is intense.

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17 May 2018

started here a few days ago coz i hadnt been the gym in a long time, so i had a 20 minute induction with someone called kurt and told him i want to tone my legs and oh my days i cant walk! i cant even walk down the stairs at home or in work!! if this is what he can do in 20 minutes, god help anyone in an hour! absolutely amazing! really nice person too and would recommend him to anyone wanting to tone! More...

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8 May 2018

Not a bad gym for the price. It's not the hilton but at 13 quid a month what do you expect?

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13 July 2017

Brilliant gym, been going for just under a year. Staff are really nice and the place is really clean. Amazing views over the docks too.

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18 June 2017

I am very happy to be a member of this gym, which is open 24/7. I feel very safe here, as nobody can come in if they don't have a membership set up or a tour with one of the staff members. I can go to the gym whenever I want, there is a pretty big changing room, which also has very clean toilets and showers. The gym has plenty of equipment, including free weights and is spread over 3 floors. I usually go more during the weekends, when is pretty empty. There are free classes being held at certain hours, which you can join by booking your spot through the website. You can also benefit from 3 free sessions with a personal trainer. There are vending machines inside the gym, just in case you forget to bring the pre/after workout snack or a bottle of water or even a padlock for your locker.
Whenever you go, you'll have a pretty nice view over the Albert Dock and River Mersey. The gym staff is very friendly and helpful and the membership is a lot cheaper compared to other gyms in town.

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13 June 2017

Does exactly what is expected. There is no point coming between 6pm-7pm a it's like a sardine can

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22 February 2017

I love this gym been there for a good 5 years and can't fault it, Specially with it been a 24 hours gym it always comes in handy for thos before or after work gym sessions

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8 January 2017

I go midnight and all machines available. Very clean and large

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22 December 2016

I have went since it opened....In 2008 I think. People who moan about it get a grip it's cheap and 24 hours, sorry it does not wipe your arse for you. I have never had a bad experience of the staff there and generally got on well with then. The annoying part is machine hogged students and belles putting on fb twitter etc "smashing the gym" and tbh the only thing you smash is your data. STOP DROPPING WEIGHTS YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE More...

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19 November 2016

The gym actually isn't too bad... Nice views of the Albert dock, especially when on the treadmill.. And other cardio equipment, reasonable amount of equipment in the gym including free weights etc. ..The free classes during the week are actually pretty good (I don't normally get to do these often as I work a 9 to 5 , however I have had a couple of bad experiences during the weekend classes especially on a Saturday. Because if there is less than 3 people, the classes won't be on. Now I found this an inconvenience and I am sure I am not the only one. They really need to make this clear or change it somehow... I also wish they did some of the classes throughout the week a bit later maybe about 7pm or 8ish

Overall I guess you get what you pay for... As it isn't too expensive to be honest... There are 3 floors, with plenty of equipment, open 24/7 (close every once in a while for maintenance and upgrades... Not a big deal ☺️ ) Gym staff are very friendly and helpful

Would recommend this gym

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21 August 2015


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28 May 2014

They have everything I need, but my favourite thing is the weight lifting area. I hate when there’re constantly people in my way and this area is good enough size for a nice workout.

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3 January 2013

I have been a member for over a year and go 4 times a week. Friendly staff and good equipment. Students are annoying by sitting on equipment and texting and not actually using the equipment. Ever heard of Gym etiquette?

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13 October 2012

It's a great gym, the only downside really is size, the three floors are ample for fitness but the free weights area tends to be packed. There's also no punching bags unfortunately. However it's convenient, easy to access and only £15.99 a month, and it is generally very well maintained. Worth the money for sure. More...

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By providing nutrition and training programmes that are designed for our clients individual needs.

70 percent nutrition 30 percent training, but the key ingredient is enjoyment which leads to consistency.

the reason I became a personal trainer, was to help people reach the goals.

I have a passion for helping people and a passion for fitness.

We ensure we deliver our PT sessions in a freindly energetic atmosphere, ensuring our clients have a excellent workout.

We strive everyday to makesure we help our clients hit there targets.