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Congleton , Cheshire

‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


I have been coaching clients for
more than twenty years on problems with relationships, divorce, stress, anxiety, career issue etc. I also have significant experience in couples’ coaching. I don’t embrace failure and if I agree to coach you after the initial free introductory session then failure will not be an option for you either.


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23 August 2019

Minos has been a long term friend and mentor of mine. His natural ability to see life as it is has always caught my attention. Minos’s down to earth nature mixed with vitality, high energy and positivity is contagious to say the least! He is very intuitive with his work with clients and I personally found this very helpful in getting to the bottom of core issues and being able to make a permanent change.Minos is a wealth of knowledge, full of wisdom and just a genuine good hearted person!!I’d recommend him to anyone wanting to improve their quality of life!Forever thankful to you Minos Xx More...

8 August 2019

Minos helped to review and redefine my professional and personal goals - and also gave me a fresh perspective on what really is important in life. He is a wonderful man. Highly recommended. More...

24 July 2019

Would highly recommend Minos, I have known him many years and he has always given me excellent and fair advice.

24 July 2019

Minos was my life coach for a little over a year. His wife recommended me to him three months after I found out my husband was a serial adulterer. My life was in pieces and I was broken after a 24 year relationship. At our first meeting I was quite nervous as I didn’t know what to expect. Minos put me right at ease and let me talk. The first couple of months were quite intense and Minos was available at any time I needed him. He approached my situation with empathy, common sense and never sugar coated any of his advice to me. Minos restored my sanity and frame of mind and quite frankly ‘saved’ me. I would not have come this far if it wasn’t for him and his step-by-step guidance. He helped me regain control of my life and to be happy again. Quite often when I’m faced with a situation or regressive thoughts I can hear Minos’s Greek voice in my head telling me what I should do. I doubt that voice will ever leave my head. Annette C More...

24 July 2019

Minos is a a gentleman and a very helpful guy. I’ve had numerous dealings with him on a professional and friendship level. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him More...

17 July 2019


6 May 2019

I was recommended to contact Minos and have life coaching sessions with him. He was able to offer sound, realistic and constructive advice and was always available to listen. His advice enabled me to work through a very difficult year, when so often I felt like throwing the towel in. I would thoroughly recommend Minos as a top and effective life coach. His effective methods and professionalism are readily apparent in all our sessions . Jayne ( Surrey) More...

6 May 2019

Minos made a very positive and lasting impression on me the minute I met him. For his larger than life attitude, his intelligence and knowledge on a broad spectrum of subjects. Above all what impressed me most was his knowledge of people and how they react in different situations and of course his unique way of coaching in a manner that was not only easy to understand, but adapted to suit the audience.But I guess what really confirmed my opinion of him, even with the benefit of knowing him for 10 or more years, was when I had a really serious issue in my life. He spared no effort to be there for me, talk to me every day and helping me to successfully navigate the problem. Perhaps what was more important was the fact that he did not tell me what I wanted to hear but what was the best long term solution for everyone involved. And that is a tough thing to accept when you think that you are hard done by, but I guess even tougher to deliver such advice in such circumstances. I owe him to this day for that.Perhaps what separates him from many other coaches is his overall optimism to life and his belief that all problems can be solved. And that alone is very inspiring indeed. Stavros Agathangelou More...

6 May 2019

Our life coach – Minos has been coaching my husband and myself for the past few years, he has helped us become better & more understanding parents and given invaluable advice with regards to our marriage. We call upon his services almost any time, he is insightful, perceptive and really cares about helping us achieve a positive outcome.Without his help we have no doubt that our marriage would not have worked out and our precious family would have fallen apart.Persephone Paphiti More...

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There is nothing more rewarding than to assist clients reach their goals and become happier more fulfilled versions of themselves

My inspiration has always been derived from seeking a natural ‘fix’ I get from being able to solve problems. Observing people becoming happier is extremely gratifying.

I have an empathic, perceptive, respectful approach but I am also honest and fairly blunt. I genuinely hate failure and I frequently refuse to work with clients if after the first free session I feel that I may not be effective in assisting them. But I am confident that I can be very effective with clients who are truly prepared to face their problems and seek a happier life.