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I am a life coach, NLP and EFT practitioner. Through my practice I help people to improve areas of their lives such as career, health, relationships, self-esteem, stress, procrastination, performance and confidence.
I offer a limited number of face to face sessions as the majority of my coaching is carried out online.

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29 May 2019

I worked with Maxine when I was having a particularly stressful time at work and under a lot of pressure. She talked me through various scenarios that I was apprehensive about and then set me tasks to find a solution to tackle the issues and obstacles I was facing.
Maxine’s workshops helped build up my confidence to follow through with my ideas and stand up to the challenges ahead.
I would fully recommend working with Maxine Croft if you are in need of achieving a goal or managing a tricky situation but need help with finding the stepping stones to get you there.

Philippa Cochrane
Creative Director
Philly Studio

8 May 2019

Maxine really helped me get through a period in my life when I was feeling stuck. She was brilliant, providing a safe and relaxed space where I could talk freely and work through the obstacles holding me back. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who feels like they need some wise and expert guidance towards becoming happier in oneself and leading a more fulfilling life. More...


I can still remember walking out of the Psychology Department when I finished my degree, and feeling a real sense of sadness. I knew that I would not be studying again for a long time, and that I was going to miss it. So I left psychology behind and pursued a different calling, as an actor. It was many years later that I heard about life coaching. At the time I felt changing my career path would be impossible, but the idea of helping people to create better and more fulfilling lives would be a way to use my love of psychology in a positive way. So I decided to retrain, and now I am able to use what I know about psychology to help people to create the habits and strategies to achieve what it is they are looking for. Whether that is the new career, business or healthy lifestyle. It is a real privilege to work with people and hear about their dreams and ambitions and see how to make it all possible.
It was later on in my career as a life coach that I became aware of Emotional Freedom Techniques and their power to help individuals move through an infinite number of difficulties in their lives.
I qualified with Distinction from the Coaching Academy as a life coach and am also a certified NLP and EFT Practitioner. I have an MA in Psychology from Edinburgh University.
I trained as an actress at ALRA in London and have acted in many plays, including in the West End.

My desire to become a coach meant that I had to start a business, as there are few opportunities to work in-house, and with that came many challenges. It is one thing to have a passion to help people, but it does not mean that you are instantly imbued with all the skills necessary to run a successful business. However, there is something wonderful about having your own business, in that you are free to project your message. It is motivating when you are working for yourself, and ultimately all the decisions come down to you, the good and the bad! When you are succeeding in your coaching business, that also means that your clients are succeeding, and that is a double win.

Going to see someone to talk about your innermost thoughts is a very personal experience. You want to feel relaxed and comfortable, and that is extremely important if a coaching relationship is going to be effective. My clients have told me that they never feel judged in our sessions, and that this allows them to feel relaxed regardless of the topic we are discussing.
I see my role as helping clients to realise the potential within them. To help them to find the confidence to step up to the dream that they might be nurturing in their imagination, but are not progressing towards. When I catch up with clients from time to time, I am always amazed to see how far they have come!