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I am a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist based in Wakefield. I use Psychotherapy and relaxing trance to rapidly improve my clients' mental and physical health and wellbeing. This form of hypnotherapy uses the latest brain research to shed light on the issues people suffer with, and gives them the tools to achieve positive and long lasting change.

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16 December 2020

Mark Barrett was an unexpected find for me and has become not only a trusted professional who I highly recommend, but also someone who I personally highly regard. I fully intend to return to Mark in the future to treat a different type problem than what I originally went to him for. I initially chose Mark over other qualified and experienced hypnotherapists for his friendly face and calming voice - it is important to feel at ease especially when you take a risk of opening up to a complete stranger! My priority was to find some way of coping better with fibromyalgia, alongside the debilitating effects of depression and anxiety arising from a prolonged period of chronic pain, a life-changing episode in my life. The approach Mark took was to focus on praising the positives (however small or insignificant they may have seemed to me), looking forwards rather than backwards. His methods were safe and non-invasive, whilst gently challenging with goal setting, he was informative and educational to help aid my understanding of why certain things are important for recovery. With Mark’s gentle demeanour and calming influence, I felt more incentivised to commit to my regular daily meditation recording and to try hard to focus on my goals, but never felt judged or criticised if they weren’t met, only ever happily surprised when he helped me to realise where I had in fact achieved other goals instead - all positive reinforcement. My attitude towards my pain began to alter, so I could better accept my physical limitations, yet feel more positive about striving to keep trying to do the things I had feared. I did not know what to expect but I can honestly say that Mark has helped guide me through one of the darkest times of my life when I had otherwise given up hope. I would urge anyone looking for a safe way to get help to just get in touch with Mark, hear what he has to say and judge for yourself! More...

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1 December 2020

I have been seeing Mark for 16 weeks now and I can honestly say that when I walked through his doors on week 1 I never thought I would be where I am today! My mindset, consistency, anxiety and low mood have all made an incredible change and I can genuinely say that Mark has played a fundamental part in that. I was definitely a sceptic when it came to hypnotherapy, however I had nothing to lose and it turns out quite a lot to gain (apart from weight because I am 22lb down). I am forever grateful for Mark James hypnotherapy for quite frankly changing my life... thank you More...

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7 September 2020

Don’t underestimate the impact of CoVid I felt like I had ran out of steam I recognised that I needed help, a push to re- energise me Someone suggested hypnosis I read up on it, decided that it sounded perfect for me Marks advert appealed and so I started sessions with him I really believe that I chose the right time for the right therapy with the right person! ! I feel so much calmer, more solid and confident again No more self doubt and being critical of myself Mark never judges, is extremely good at his job as well as explaining the treatment and placing the target you want to achieve in your hands to decide I definitely can recommend More...

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30 June 2020

When I started my sessions with Mark, I was commencing lock down on my own and wasn't sure how this was going to affect me. I'm pretty good at motivating myself, being organised and proactive, so I wasn't sure how these sessions would benefit me. However, I've definitely gained valuable knowledge and support in not dwelling on negative aspects of my past, moving forward and gaining confidence to believe in myself and what I can achieve in my future. Mark provides amazingly relaxing sessions which not only involve the hypnotherapy section, but also focus on positive aspects of the past week. Mark also encourages you to schedule positive actions for the forthcoming week (although this may be specific to the treatment I've received). I've also commented to Mark on how relaxing and soothing his voice is during treatments. I highly recommend Mark's treatments which can all be delivered via Skype. You may be apprehensive or pessimistic, but if you are struggling, why not give it a go, what have you got to loose? More...

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29 September 2019

I have been suffering with anxiety for a number of years, I kept it in for a long time. I have been going to sessions with mark for a number of time now and what a turn around. He’s made me feel comfortable, at ease and he’s made me learn and understand on how the best way to combat it would be. The manor and approach he has taken with me is phenomenal, a true gentleman and professional. Made me view life in a different way and anybody out there going through mental problems and needs some guidance and the best way to sort it out I would highly recommend Mark James, the results will be visible if you believe in yourself, what a great man and a superb professional. More...

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27 September 2019

Mark has been truly amazing, completely replacing my negative, repetitive behaviours, with a whole, new, positive out look on my life and my future. I could not recommend this enough, particularly if you have tried counselling before. A calm, informative and far less intrusive way of resolving negative issues, in a way that is actually sustainable long term. THANKYOU MARK!!!! More...

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25 September 2019

After just one session my daughter is much calmer .

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25 September 2019

Was feeling low in confidence and feeling anxious, I was recommended to go see Mark, he is so nice, made me feel at ease, so calm and very understanding he really helped me so much couldn't recommend him enough. Thank you so much .

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The feeling I get when I see a client make profound, positive changes to his or her life, and realise I have had a part in that. It's hard to put in to words.

I was not getting job satisfaction from the position I held. After much reflection, I realised that my strength lay in my empathy, and that I get great pleasure from helping people, so I trained to be a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Because I have a genuinely caring nature and I give my very best to every client in order to get a successful outcome. I know that it is very nerve wracking for people to seek help and open up to a stranger. I am very easy to talk to, and I like to think I put all my clients at ease quickly. You get warmth and understanding when you choose me, along with professional skill of course, which translates into long lasting positive results.

I can provide services online via Zoom or Skype, so clients can enjoy therapy from the comfort of their own homw.

Since the lockdown announcement on the 4th January, 2021, I have been treating all clients online.


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a gentle yet powerful therapy which is great at tackling anxiety based issues. I have successfully treated Anxiety and Stress, Low Confidence and Self Esteem, Low Mood, Phobias, IBS, Insomnia, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Chronic Pain and much more. I can also produce a long term solution to Weight Management, or help you to Quit Smoking and also help improve Sport Performance.