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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


What do we do at Mammoth?

We help you live your best life - now!

Coaching can be used in limitless situations. Are you required to make a life impacting decision? Are you wanting to change career but unsure what to do? Are you nervous about speaking publicly?

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6 customer reviews

30 April 2021

Tim was great at asking thoughtful questions and delving deeper into complex issues.

28 April 2021

Tim is profession in his approach. He will challenge your thinking and provide new perspectives on whatever it is you are facing. Tim also provides extra take away collateral if needed, to research and work on in between meetings. Tim is very knowledgeable and experienced in his approach. More...

22 April 2021

I heard about Mammoth Consulting & Coaching through a friend and I knew straight away that Tim's friendly, intelligent and no-nonsense style was just the kind of approach I needed. Tim is incredibly well-researched in the fields of Life and Career Coaching and he is able to draw on a broad range of professional and personal experience. As a result, Tim's coaching was able to support and guide me through a difficult work and life transition, helping me to achieve renewed confidence and clear focus. Highly Recommended. More...

7 July 2020

I have really enjoyed working with Tim, he is approachable and positive with great energy and zest for life.
He has been a great support in holding me accountable to my goals and has encouraged me to question and challenge myself. I hope to work with him in the not so distant future. Thanks Tim! More...

12 June 2020

I have been using Mammoth Coaching for almost 12 months. Working with Tim has helped me answer the big questions that have mattered to me both professionally and personally, and has made a real difference to my approach to life today. I believe that Tim genuinely wants to see people change and grow for the better. Thanks Tim for your help so far and look forward to continuing to work with you! More...

6 August 2019

Life Coaching

I found mammoth coaching easily through Bark. Tim's friendly, no nonsense and practical approach to coaching was great. We chatted mainly about work goals (my choice) and how to strike a balance in life between work and other areas. I would recommend mammoth coaching. More...

Mammoth Consulting & Coaching

Reply from Mammoth Consulting & Coaching

I loved working with Sandy! Being part of her journey of hitting goal after goal was a privilege. One of my favourite clients. :-) I love the fact that she gave 4 stars instead of 5! It means there is always room to be better - which I totally believe in!


I love being part of a journey.
I love seeing clients come dissatisfied with their lives or situations - and leaving with new passion, energy and direction.
I love the honour of being part of someones growth - challenging them to be the best they can be.

I started Mammoth in 2018 after 17 successful years in Sales and Management roles. Starting at grass roots management in a Blockbuster video store I then moved into corporate sales world in London.

After a brilliant and challenging 7 years, I decided to take the plunge and set up my own company in 2008.

Then it was time for adventure! My wife and I left our London world and set off for Qatar in the middle east. Our adventure lasted 4 years and we came back with amazing experiences, a different understanding of the world, brilliant friends - and a son.

In 2016 I met with a life coach and realised how beneficial they could be in today's society and high pressure work environment. I had already worked with teens at risk of exclusion in a mentoring capacity with great success - so bringing some of these skills to a new role got me excited.

Then began 2 long years of reading, training and practising - until finally the Mammoth emerged.

Choose Mammoth if you are serious about moving forward, desiring to change or looking to be challenged and held accountable!


Get the Most out of Life
This service is often one of the keys to a happier, healthier life.

A coach will utilise different tools and techniques to help you achieve your goals and a balanced, fulfilling lifestyle.

After several sessions, you will become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise.

Guidance & Inspiration
Do you feel like you are always adding new tasks to your to-do list but never crossing anything out? Are you unsure how your personal values align with your business aims? Do you feel you can achieve more than you are?

Bespoke executive coaching sessions will help guide and inspire you to achieve more of your personal and professional goals.

Get in touch today and start taking control of your life with coaching tools and techniques.

What next?
Expat life is hard to understand for anyone who has not been there. So much opportunity, so many new experiences and new people. On the other hand, CONSTANT new experiences and new people can take their toll. Loneliness, lack of purpose and no real feeling of 'home' can mean you are in seemingly the best situation of your life - but not really feeling 'right'.

If that's you, coaching can help.

It's Never Too Early!
Youth and teens have the world open to them in a way we never did. This has created brilliant opportunity, but also pressure. They are available 24/7 to their peers via social media, they can measure themselves against others who are thousands of miles away, they feel the pressure to reach their 'potential' more than in the past.

There is also apathy, a need for affirmation and a lack of security in themselves.

Coaching can help them to become secure in themselves, to love the journey rather than wait until the destination, to find their values and passions. It can help them overcome anxiety, set realistic expectations on their lives and help them truly be happy.

Take Control of Your Financial Future

This service is for those who struggle with taking control of their finances. Where does the money go? What can I do differently? How can I change my relationship with money?

This is for those who want to improve and take control. It is not debt advice or a financial advisory service.