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Every child is unique. But the one thing that is common among most children across the globe is a fear of mathematics. Some people get so anxious as soon as they hear this word that they end up developing a ‘Math-Phobia’. Children often get judged based on their academic scores which can leave a permanent scar on their self-esteem and confidence.

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The aha! moment my students get, the ability to get the result they want and, not only that but delivering the lessons with passion and engagement.

My mission is to add value and create results for my students. This was an additional way to serve as I am an Educationalist at heart!

My track record is confidence-building that literally transforms and adds color not only to the subject but YOU will see tangible benefits in everything else you DO!

I do both with the ability to travel up to a 15-mile radius. Some of my most successful classes have been Pnline due to use of a very good tech toolbox.

If face to face it involves following all standard protocols and any additional safeguarding as per customer request.


teaching Maths from Year 3 to A-Level. Also, serving University students in Business and Accounting. Adult Numeracy Mathematics and Graduate Job Applications.