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SO15, Southampton


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Hi, I am Marcin
I offer Personal Training services in Southampton. I have been working in Fitness industry for over 14 years now. I specialise in muscle gain, weight and fat loss, kettlebell training, nutrition. Through the right approach, training plan and nutrition you can improve the quality of your life and become more confident.

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26 November 2020

16 July 2019

I started training with Marcin some time ago to lose some fat around my middle section and generally tone up. Through Marcin’s expertise, I achieved more than this. With a combination of weight lifting, bodyweight exercises, cardio and HIT I went from being about 75kg and slightly flabby to losing more than 3kg and being significantly more toned. My overall strength has improved so that I was able to perform exercises I would never thought I could be capable of, and what were my max weights during my first weeks of training are now my warm-up weights. Marcin tailors each workout to you, so that you can achieve your objectives. His tips on nutrition are brilliant and he is always keen to adjust them according to your taste and achievements. Training with Marcin is fun and inspirational. Highly recommend. More...

4 February 2015

Marcin oferuje rewelacyjny trening po dostepnych cenach. Polecam!

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Everything starts with the consultation mainly 1-2-1 but I also run the online services. If we do personal training then I meet my clients at the gym and we do our sessions in there. We have regular consultations and I am also available to support my clients outside the gym. All my clients got the access to my online platform and fitness app where they can find different workouts scheduled for them to do it in their own time. I also share all the necessary informations about diet, nutrition, exercises, health and wellbeing through my app so clients can read it and learn it whenever they want.

The secret is in CONSISTENCY !!! Whatever you do you need to think long term and don't expect "quick fix". Consistency and hard work is a key
Apart from that you need to training that is right for you, for your strengths and weaknesses. You also need to have good relationship with food, understand and learn what and how much to eat. If you add to all of this the good recovery and sleep, you will be getting closer to the body of your dreams.

Being able to help others and seeing my clients progressing and achieving their goals.
Coaching and teaching about exercises and nutrition and guiding through the whole journey.

Since I have graduated from Academy of Physical Education and Science in Sport I knew I wanted to become a Personal Trainer. Another reason is my passion for sport.

I have got over 14 years of experience working with different type of clients with different goals. I am professional but also fun :) and definitely push you to the limits.

Yes I have recently started adding the online training as another option to my services. I use my own Marcin Fitness app for online training. You get the same value as when training one-two-one. We do our weekly checm-in via what's app, Skype or ZOOM call.

I follow the guidance set by the government. During lockdowns wearing the masks when training with my clients and keeping distance when possible and necessary. All the consultations were taking place over the Zoom or Skype.


This is face to face service when I work with my clients in the gym or outdoor. One of the biggest benefit of this type of work is personalised approach. I work with my clients 2-3 times per week where we can closely monitor the progress on a weekly and monthly basis.
It is something more than just a training. It is a coaching process where you learn about nutrition and training, importance of sleep and recovery. We work on habits which is one of the most important thing when it comes to lifestyle changes for life.
The whole journey starts with the consultation. The first 2 sessions we go through different exercises and movements where we can assess the strengths and weaknesses to come up with the right exercises for you.