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My Bark profile also provides a lot of detail about my services - please read this first. I like to work with proactive, committed clients! Review programme options and pricing at https://www.lyndafussell.com/coaching-options

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25 January 2021

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I love seeing people thrive and enjoy life to the full.

Growing in confidence, coping with challenging situations, learning ways to reduce or manage stress.

Be the best you can be! Enjoy each and every day :)

You are not defined by your past.
You have a choice on how you manage, or react, to any situation.
You are unique and together we strengthen your own inner belief and strength.

I have worked in many big corporate companies and a number of small ones too.. I have had a few businesses over the years and the common thread is people. I love listening to, and supporting, people to find their own strength and inner wisdom.

I can manage projects and change teams, but I prefer to support people in all aspects of their lives not just with work related challenges.

Divorce is stressful and the impacts linger on for years. Having been through two, I have a pretty good idea of the emotions, fears, challenges and social stresses. My girls and I have navigated our way through trial and error and with the support of amazing people. I want to share and support people going through this. You are unique and beautiful and not defined by your relationships.

The trauma healing gently supports your subconscious mind through a spontaneous transformation. Benefiting those with emotional, mental and physical ailments which are often linked to childhood trauma, stresses from serving in the forces or any of the emergency and support services, and other stressful/traumatic life encounters.

As a member of a senior leadership team and a business owner, I understand the conflicts of business, life, relationships, family and me... I bring a very personal understanding combined with professional training and extensive experience.


Divorce is messy. It is stressful. It affects so many people and aspects of life.

But imagine if you had someone to really open up to and share those worries, concerns and fears with.
Someone who cares about you.
Someone who understands, who has been there too.
Someone who is primarily focuses on your inner health and wellbeing.

The solicitors are experts in arranging the technical details.
Financial advisers are experts in sorting out your current and future finances.
Your friends focus on 'keeping you busy', moving on..
As a parent you focus on the children.
What about you??

Are you questioning what else you could be, or is that should be, doing or enjoying in your life? Wondering if this is it, or what else?

Join me for a cuppa and let's have a chat.
It is amazing what magic happens when you allow those thoughts that swim around inside your mind to find a sound current and emerge...

Book some time out for you.
No expectations, just a cuppa and an exploration.
I promise to listen.
This is your time..

Are you desperate to reach a new goal? To find your way through a challenging experience? To simply have someone 'on your side' who listens to you, challenges you, but always has your best in focus?

Let's have a chat and explore what you need right now and how we can create a reality out of your dreams and desires.

A free chat with a cuppa - pick up the phone or better still join me on a video chat and let's see what new realities we can create.

Are there things stopping you living your best life?
Are you constantly reminded about past nightmares?
Do things keep you awake at night?
Is your daily life a struggle that no-one else notices?
Are you dealing with chronic health issues that nothing seems to help?
Do you often wonder why others are so happy, and you just don't get it?

If you have answered yes to one or more of these, then we should have a chat. There are safe, gentle healing options to help clear the trauma held in your subconscious.

Many have experienced amazing results, even after years struggling.

Leaders inspire, Managers require!

Which are you? Which would you rather be?

It isn't always easy being promoted from a space of your excellence into leading others to be as brilliant as you were when you did the 'work'.

Your relationships at work change.
Your friendships can be affected.
Your mindset and enjoyment of your job is invariably affected.
Your family time seems to diminish.

Having dreamed of this day learn how to make it as magical as you dreamed it would be.

Using a coaching framework which is primarily about listening and questioning, rather than mentoring which is more about "show and tell", I help amazing people achieve their goals and dreams often through clearing / addressing the things that hold them back. Insecurities, past experiences and traumas, fears and anxiety often are a key factor in struggles to find happiness and satisfaction / contentment with life as we live it.

I work specifically with the mental, emotional and sometimes spiritual aspects. The way the brain works is totally fascinating. Ideally we want to be in control of our thoughts rather than the other way round. Change is a given, how we respond is our choice!

I love to get out and have a walk while we work through things - sometimes together and sometimes in different locations but chatting via the phone. I find that the mind is clearer and new concepts, or 'ah-ha' moments are attached to pleasant sights and sounds experienced in the moment.

However, most of the time I work online via Zoom, or any other video conference tool (WhatsApp, etc). This enables us to make the most of the time and be in a safe space at any time of day.

I have clients all over the world so this makes sense for many. It also means we can 'see' each other and have a very focused and personal call. I really love these too!

Any good coaching programme, mental or physical, will see a change in the person. These changes are inspiring and motivating but the journey can be challenging and there are times when life presents obstacles that could disrupt the process without proper commitment to a goal.

Initially we will spend about 30 minutes understanding your objectives - sometimes what you want to achieve and sometimes an outpouring of your current challenges. From this we agree a way forward and I will design a bespoke programme to support your journey.

I incorporate numerous tools, learnings and intuitive experience as we travel the course together and we work with whatever is needed at the time. There is a framework but no right or wrong way to progress.

Depending on the objectives I recommend an initial six month programme, sometimes this is three months. We regularly assess progress and ensure we are moving towards the desired objectives.

Most sessions are held once every two weeks and last 45-90 minutes depending on the session. 60 minutes is the average...

Sometimes we run an intensive programme where we meet weekly. It is, however, essential to have some space for thinking time and doing any exercises that are agreed.

We both agree to the objectives, the structure of the programme and commit to the time required.

Honesty and trust is essential during the programme to get the most out of each session. I operate with a sound non-disclosure premise, but I love it when a client feels they can share their journey, experience and recommend others. I will never disclose who I am working with unless you chose to do so.

Programmes range in price from £500 for 6 sessions up to £2,200 for six months depending on the level of work, support and objectives.

Payment is either upfront with a discount or on a monthly direct debit.

Each programme includes, as standard:
- our scheduled one-to-one coaching sessions
- all preparation, follow up, exercises and materials
- access to me via call or WhatsApp at anytime during the programme between 08:00 and 21:30 UK time
- having me as your cheerleader - always there to support and encourage
- access to a private online space to share notes, documents and anything of interest

Additional bonuses may include:
- discounts on future programmes, courses or retreats
- a signed copy of The Success Formula, a book co-authored with other wonderful coaches and inspiring people
- access to materials, or courses via other colleagues of mine