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Lydia Ewins


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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


From time to time we can experience personal difficulties, crises, relationship and work-related problems that leave us finding it hard to cope, understand things and make decisions. I aim to help you to gain perspective about the issues troubling you;

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23 March 2021

I came to lydia at a time where I felt so confused about a choice that I had made in my life that may potentially of cost me my wellbeing. I needed to not feel judged and to figure out what was actualy going on for me. Lydia was a breathe of fresh air. She helped me navigate my feelings throughout a whirlwind of emotions. She was warm, attentive, calm, non judgemental and always helped me to identify the root of the issue amongst all the chaos. Only then was I able to understand my situation for what it actually was. I felt a relief after each session, I felt understood and having some one to talk to in a contained manner allowed me see what was really going on.

I realised much later on that I was being manipulated and emotionally controlled. My inner peace was being robbed. Things always looked clearer after each session I had. I didnt have to doubt myself and it was such a comfort to hear lydia validate me when my feelings had been invalidated by the person who was trying to emotionally control me.

Lydia was my lifeline, without her I may not of recognised these things happening to me. I genuinly couldnt have healed and restored my inner peace without her. I am truly grateful to of met paths with lydia.

6 March 2021


Lydia is very easy to speak with, I felt comfortable instantly. She helps you to dig deep into your mind, and understand things in more detail


I feel I am in a very priveged position, working with people when they are experiencing difficulties & watching them grow and flourish

Engaging in therapy is a deeply personal journey. I think finding the right fit of therapist for you is the most important.

I offer all clients a free 20min consulation; this gives you the opportunity to discuss what you want to achieve from attending therapy, ask me any questions that you may have and get a feel of if I am the right therapist for you.

100% I have adapted and use a variety of platforms to host sessions online

I have moved my business on-line, I will look to offer in the room sessions again once my insurance provider and governing provider give me the go ahead to.

I do also offer walking amd talking therapy, this is something I can not gaurantee for everyone at this time; this is due to the localities I am working at this time. Please call me to discuss this further if this is something you are interested in.


Time limited therapy
Up to 12 sessions
£50 per seession
concessions on request

Open ended therapy with regular reviews to ensure that therapy is meaningful and working towards the desired therapeutic goal/ outcome.
£50 per session
concessions on request

Psychosocial approach to help you to understand susbstance dependency and stratergies to support attitudal and behaviour changes.