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My name is Lucy and I am a photographer which I mainly work in event, street, and landscape. My motto for every project I endeavor in I make that it tells a story no matter if the project is highly insignificant and or difficult to bring on the mesmerizing factor.



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Watching and waiting. Meaning that just observe the person/people or object your photographing seeing, the positioning or photograph will show a distinctive difference than other photos

What is your vision for the photos? What emotion or objective do you want me to photograph?

Capturing life in its purest form
I love listening to people and capturing their personalities.
Captuirng nature as well.

Photographry has always been a long time hobby of mine but people were interested in my photos so I decided to set a business.

Because I believe am good photographer who will do a good job, and bring unique perspective .


Photographing people in its natural environment.

Capturing people lives and lifestlyles.