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An accessible specialist marketing service: regardless of your service, size or budget, we will work with you to expand your business. Whether you’re wanting to explore paid advertising, brand recognition or simply in need of blog post, we can help.


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17 November 2020

I decided to use Lovio Digital as it was obvious from the go that the guys knew what they were doing. I run a football league (https://pitchside. london/) in central London, and I needed to both solidify my reputation in the market, as well as drive as many new teams to sign up for the upcoming season. The guys reviewed my website content and planned my entire social media strategy - the impact was immediate. Furthermore, Andy focussed on driving new users to my site through paid advertising on Facebook & Instagram - again, the increase in signups was significant. Thanks to the guys at Lovio Digital, I was able to take my business to the next level. More...

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Starting a new project - once the aims have been established, we love planning how we're going to reach those goals. It could be reviewing current activity, or starting completely from scratch. We know we'll hit the goals, as we don't waste your money if your aims are unachievable through our services.

Those who run a business know that Digital Marketing is crucial for success. However, it can be both daunting and a chore for those whose talents lie elsewhere. We happen to love Digital Marketing, and know we will help those who don't have the time to invest in their owns ads or branding. With us, you can be reassured that your getting the very best value for money - we'll equal the passion you have for your service.

Here at Lovio, we have 12 years of experience , working as specialists for some of the biggest corporations in the world. eBay, Gumtree, ITV, Sainsbury's - the list goes on. Further to this, we have worked with multiple small businesses, both local & national. We have a passion for marketing, and firmly believe that we can help any business progress. With our wealth of experience, we will take your business to the next level - we'll also match the passion you have for your business. Not only that, we want to help small businesses by providing an AFFORDABLE service - our services start from as little as £75. We won't take advantage, we'll tell you what you can realistically expect, and we won't tie you in to a contract - you'll be free to cancel your service if your finances take a hit. In essence, we WANT to help YOU.

We're solely online - we won't waste your time with unnecessary calls and meetings. Sure, you'll be free to contact us whenever you choose, and we'll be happy to have weekly catch ups.

However, you're busy, and our weekly reports and work update will be outlined clearly for you to see what we're doing, and what the results are.

Our service is designed to give businesses the chance to relax - our service is subscription based, if you're impacted, we can pause all activity.

You WONT be tied in.


Advertising on Facebook is crucial if you want to sell your products and services. We’ll drive new customers and bring back those who didn’t convert the first time. Media buying isn’t easy so you’ll need to invest in the right audiences and a clear strategy.

We'll ensure that we'll show your ads to the highest converting audience.

Our service includes: Weekly reporting - understand how your ads are performing with a weekly update.

Ongoing tests to ensure your ad copy is attracting the right customer.

Ongoing support on strategy and key analysis to aid your business decisions.

Local and smaller national businesses can’t rely on their branding alone - if your budget is small, you’ll struggle to improve your search position in Google, especially if your market is competitive

We'll ensure that we're investing your spend into the highest converting search terms. Our services includes: Weekly reporting - understand how your ads are performing with a weekly update. Ongoing tests to ensure your ad copy is attracting the right customer. Ongoing support on strategy and key analysis to aid your business decisions.

Structuring your content so you’re communicating an engaging and coherent message is essential. Whether it be through Social Media, your website, or both, we’ll ensure that you’re consistently sharing valuable content that amplifies your brand voice.

Our Brand Management service includes: Content calendar to plan your activity in accordance with current trends and your industry’s events. 2 blogs posts per month included - topics to be agreed by you. 8 social posts - to ensure that you’re continuously communicating with your audience. Weekly report on users volume & social engagements.

Local expertise is invaluable in today’s digital world. Talking about how you’re helping solve local challenges with your product or service - as well as being a positive force for good in your community - will allow to create a brand your customers are loyal to, while also increasing your search presence.

Need a blog? Let us know and we’ll create one for you. Unsure on what to blog about? Give us a message and we can talk it through with you.