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We offer holistic wellbeing therapies that include Shamanic Healing and Balancing, Integrated Energy Therapy, Group Meditation Sessions, Group Past Life Regression, Group Drumming Circles, AromaTouch, Spiritual Head Massage, Tibetan Acu-Sound Therapy and Chakradance.

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23 September 2019

Jovi is a fantastic facilitator with a wealth of knowledge and experience, helping you to progress in your practice of meditation, self knowledge and self love

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I love bringing in ancient wisdom to the here and now. I have discovered that connecting to previous lives can help to heal, but also help to boost and advance an individual into higher growth.

When I was younger I always felt that something was missing from my life. From my research in finding the missing piece, I was drawn to meditation and spiritual connection.

I have 20+ years of practice and helped to change people's lives.


Shamanic healing is great for the mind, body, spirit and soul. It's about reconnecting the missing parts so that you feel whole and complete again. This treatment is perfect for handling and improving physical, emotional and spiritual pains, removing phobias, dealing with trauma, breaking negative patterns.

Reiki + is a combination of Reiki plus shamanism, lightworker therapy and healing energy cards. It's ideal for you if you are looking for a holistic approach to gaining deep relaxation and intuitive healing: physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

A unique and wonderful therapy using tuning forks, tibetan chimes and singing bowls. This treatment is ideal if you feel low in energy. It is excellent for increasing the flow of energy (Qi) in and around your body, opening up energetic pathways, bringing balance and relief of pain, energising and revitalising and stimulating your own body healing process.

This holistic gentle spiritual massage is done while you lie on your front. It covers the upper back, shoulders, arms, hands, neck and head. If you are looking for the ultimate relaxing moment, then this massage is for you. Adding the spiritual guidance makes the massage unique to your personal requirements and provides you with an even deeper level of relaxation.

Great for reducing stress, relaxation, improving your immune system, physiological balance. The technique is great for cleansing the body and mind., promoting positive energy and complete wellness.

Eight different dōTERRA’s essence oils are gently applied to the back and feet.

I was particularly drawn to dōTERRA oils because they are 100% natural, extremely potent, very pure and highly effective.

The technique is extremely gentle and carried out on your back and feet. You lie face down on a massage table, relax and enjoy. Adding Reiki to the pot brings the session to a whole new level! You will have a feeling of euphoria for days to follow!

No pressure or manipulation on any part of your body is carried out, this treatment is very gentle. The session lasts approximately 45 minutes long. A wonderfully therapeutic treatment! Highly recommended!