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As well as professional performing experience, Louise has a degree in Performing Arts and Vocal Studies. This trained Louise as a performer and vocal coach with an in depth understanding of the voice and techniques at the level of professional vocalists.



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In regards to what the lessons involve, I can cover anything that the student would like to work on. I work with a total variety of vocalists, all of different ages and abilities. I tailor my sessions to each individual to ensure they get the best out of their training with me. We can look at music theory and sight reading as we go, we can work on pop songs, musical theatre or other genres and pieces chosen by the student. We can work towards GCSE/A-Level/BTEC performance pieces, vocal grades etc. I also offer performances opportunities such as an annual showcase, as a platform for singers to put what they are learning in to practice. Some singers choose to learn for fun which is great! Others want to build their confidence up to the point where they can perform in public so opportunities like the showcase work for them, others I coach are preparing for big auditions for shows, big performances, drama schools/music schools auditions etc. Like I said, sessions are completely tailored to each individual student and once I gauge what a student is hoping to do to move forward in vocal work, I then put together lesson plans to meet their wishes.