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Brighton, East Sussex


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Get a free quote from this professional

‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Personal Training worldwide either Online or from our own Private PT Studio in Central Brighton (UK)
We can train you from the comfort of your own home via App or in private in your own Personal studio in Brighton.

Specialising in weight loss and strength training.

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9 customer reviews

10 January 2020

Lovely studio and a tough but excellent workout - I was glad it wasn’t too long a session! I left with a smile on my face. I’ll be back!

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10 November 2019

Gorgeous modern studio complete with an amazing instructor who really pushes you to reach the highest of your capability left the class feeling awesome (and picked up an utterly delicious protein shake on the way out!) can’t wait to return for more

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8 November 2019

Awesome workout this morning at the Row Room! Really nice twist on your usual circuit training. Lovely studio too

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20 July 2019

Superb motivator and trainer. Very skilled at developing your progress according to your capabilities and adapting to improve your performance

22 June 2019

Superb trainer. Knows exactly how to motivate and maximise your fitness and performance without trying to pushing you beyond your capabilities -a rare ability. With Chrissie's guidance and mentoring I've sustainably lost 15kg and substantially improved my general well-being in 6 months More...

23 September 2018

Personal Trainers

Having weekly sessions with Chrissie and we are enjoying the variety and challenge! Fully recommend!

23 July 2018

Chrissie has been been training for over a year now and I've really seen results. I've toned up and lost loads of weight and I feel great! She's friendly and knowledgeable, and continually motivates me! Would recommend her to anyone. More...

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19 July 2018

I love my personal training sessions with Chrissie, she is very approachable and makes the sessions fun however hard they might be.

19 July 2018

Chrissie is wonderful
Understanding to health issues that I have and finds a level that suits me but makes me work better in achieving personal fitness goals


Being able to train 1 on 1 in a private studio enables me to listen and understand you and your goals and become more than just your trainer. Building a professional relationship is key to success and I will be available outside of our sessions for online help with Nutrition, Training and any questions or worries. It can be a long road to body confidence, strength and health but with the right team behind you your goals will be reached quicker!
Plus I buy my clients Easter Eggs & Xmas Choc Santas to remind you that life is about BALANCE!

There is no "Secret".... its not all about what you look like... Stupid Question... NEXT!

.... only joking okay well its always harder on your own. The more support, guidance and knowledge you can gain the better equipped you will be. Train as hard as you can and eat well, stay mindful and rest when you need to. Appreciate what your body can do while aiming higher.

The relationships I build with "clients" ... I don't really like that word as most clients end up as friends. :) AWWWW
Changing peoples ability to see themselves in a different light, creating body confidence and helping enhance health in people is the most rewarding job right?!

The fitness industry is forever changing and a downside to it is when working for a 'corporate/chain' company, it is pushed on you to see clients as 'sales' get them in out and onto the next... WHICH I COMPLETELY DISAGREE WITH.
Each and every client has come to me as they want help, improvement, self confidence, self worth, strength and even to like themselves again.
Whether that's through losing fat (visual goal) or getting stronger (health goal) to eat more nutritious food (health goal) or to love their own bodies (mindful goal) or a mixture of many, I will help you to get there. One step at a time :)

I like to work with your drive and personality to create a fitter healthier WAY OF LIFE.
So choose me if its a Mindful Healthy Fittie Life you're after, and I'll look forward to meeting you and starting your journey!


Train with us from anywhere in the world via an online app to your phone/laptop. Train from home/your gym/ our studio its completly up to you!

The clue is in the studio name. Lone Wolf. You train alone (with you trainer either in person or though a video call) we are with you but nobody else is!