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Inshredible fitness is a female friendly company which specialises in resistance training, mobility and weight loss for women looking to boost their self confidence. At inshredible we also offer online training, a facebook community so you can connect with like minded women and bespoke bridal packages.

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14 February 2019

I have been working with Lizzie for a few weeks now. She understands my limitations and has been great in working around injuries to help strengthen problem areas. I have definitely seen an improvement and feel motivated every session. More...

13 February 2019

I've only started with Lizzie for a couple of weeks now but she is so lovely, easy to talk to and I know if I need any help with anything I can message her.
She motivates me when I go through the exercises at the gym which was one of my struggles.

11 February 2019

I have been with Lizzie just over a year now and I will never look back. She has been a huge help to me. I had got stuck in a rut with my workouts and diet and just didn't know where to turn and then I started with Lizzie. She has been amazing. She provided me with a food plan, a gym plan and sessions at Primitive and it has been great.

I have got out of that rut and am getting closer to my target. I always enjoy my PT sessions with Lizzie because she gives you that extra push and the confidence to believe that you can do it. I struggle with a lot of self doubt and she has helped me to realise if I focus and put my mind to it I can do it. Girls can lift too! She is very motivational and approachable with anything and is a massive support.

Cannot thank her enough.

11 February 2019

Been with Lizzie for almost two years now, and love every session. She makes you work really hard and designs your programme to you particular abilities. She is a wealth of knowledge and will advise where necessary. I look forward to my session each week as she makes them fun.

I had no confidence when I started with her and certainly wouldn't have gone into a gym to work out but because of Lizzie my confidence had rocketed and I feel so good in myself. Shes awesome.

11 February 2019

Taking up PT with Lizzie was one of the best decisions I made. I struggled with gym confidence a lot and was on a constant binge starve cycle! However, I now have knowledge of the gym, how to use equipment and recognise that women 'can lift' and stroll over to the weights section with my head held high. I wouldn't have got to this point with Lizzie's guidance. Lizzie also taught me you definitely need to eat! I used to live on silly 900 calorie diets, so was a bit overwhelmed with my initial food plan of around 2000 calories. I stuck to it and dropped weight more quickly than I imagined I would! Would 100% reccomend Lizzie for a thoughtful, knowledgeable and motivating coach!! More...

11 February 2019

Lizzie is friendly, knowledgeable and professional and really put me at ease during my first PT session. She designs bespoke fitness and nutrition plans to suit you and will help you to achieve your fitness goals.

13 January 2019

Primitive Gym is hands down, one of the best small gyms in Poole, Parkstone & Bournemouth.
Been there myself for almost a year and love it!
A nice variety of Hammer Strength equipment, free weights including dumbbells up to 75kg. Squat racks available.
Strongman equipment i.e various log presses. 10ft (25kg) heavy duty bars.
All the members are incredibly friendly despite the majority of the guys being absolutely massive yet soft as putty.
All are also incredibly helpful with whatever question you may want to ask, whether it's dieting, a fitness programme etc.

No contract & can cancel any time.
They have their own apparell line, also sell fitness products (creatine, bcaas, protein & even CBD oil)

Sports massage is available here.

There is a boxing ring combined with various teachers for MMA, boxing. A massive padded floor to use too.

Majority are professional bodybuilders so you know you are in good hands!

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3 November 2018

Well kitted out Gym, with lots of parking. Equipment is top notch, and the staff are all extremely knowledgeable as most of them are actively competing in their respective field. The PTs are of an especially high standard, and have experience at the national and international level. Overall an excellent and positive place to get serious about working out. More...

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24 March 2018

Great Gym with Great staff! They really helped me get in shape plus the atmosphere is really good as well!

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27 January 2018

Good music, good people. Perfect gym rules.

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21 August 2017

Awesome atmosphere, best bodybuilding gym around Bournemouth area. Owner Ryan very helpful and knowledgeable.
They also have MMA. HIT training classes. Personal PT instructors.
You want to grow muscle and lose bodyfat. Train here..

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Personally I spent around 5 years from 18-23yrs old trying to lose weight using shakes, atkins diet, overloading on cardio etc and nothing worked as my mindset wasn't right. I would try to starve myself all day and end up bingeing on chocolate brownies all night. Once I enlisted some help from fitness professional I began to learn about foods that fuel your body correctly and how much you can fill up on nutrients and still feel satisfied. I then tried crossfit training and this really helped to teach me about high intensity training, after a year of this I wanted to improve my physique further so I looked into bodybuilding. The body building training was very different to crossfit and it really helped me to understand how important your rep range and the way you train is in terms of how you want your body to look. I like to use all these tools that I have acquired to help my clients. No program works for the same person therefore I like to personalise each of my training programs to that particular client, some clients benefit more from short high intensity sessions, some are better using body weight exercises, it all just depends on the client and their goal.

Hard work, consistency and trust the process. Stick to one plan for a minimum of 8weeks before deciding that it doesn't work. Changing your physique is also down to changing your mindset.

I love seeing people achieve things they didn't think were possible. Women especially put themselves down ALOT! They doubt me when I say they can lift a certain weight or when I think they are capable of more, but the best thing ever is when they start to build confidence in themselves.

Just the idea that I could help others every day and build a strong female community.

I really care about other peoples success, it is important to me that I have a group of women who can support each other in their life goals and I can help them to reach their own personal targets. I have the knowledge to help people reach their fitness goals, I also have experienced being very unhappy in my own skin and I have used various tools to pull me out of that unhappy place and I want to help others do the same.