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Solihull, West Midlands

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Providing positive, training using force-free methods. Learn how to develop your relationship with your dog and improve his/her responsiveness with reward-based training. Please note: I do not deal with aggression cases.


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Interacting with the dogs and helping people get the results they want and make their lives together better.

Experience of training issues with my own dogs and the realisation that it doesn’t have to be that way and dogs can learn if taught in the right way.

My company motto is “Improving The Life Of Dogs Through Human Education” - I don’t only focus on the dog but also helping owners understand what to do and how, and provide both with skills that will really make a difference.


Basic training for puppies. Teach your dog the basics they need to know to live happily and comfortably in your home. Make sure your new puppy knows what is expected and how to behave at home and outside.

Help your new rescue dog settle into his/her home comfortably. Start working on basic training or correcting problem behaviours.

Please note: Unfortunately I don’t take cases involving dog-dog or dog-human aggression.

Help your adolescent or adult dog overcome behaviour issues. Problem behaviour often requires long-term commitment and I will support you and your dog for as long as you would like.

Please note: A consultation is necessary for all new clients. Unfortunately I don’t take cases involving dog-dog or dog-human aggression.

I can design a tailor-made training programme for you and your dog to address the issues you’re struggling with and work on making your life better with your dog. Don’t struggle alone, help is at hand. Let’s work together to help you achieve the life you want with your dog.