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Linsey Knowles Physiotherapy at St Georges Multi-therapy centre

Bolton, Borough of Bolton


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25 May 2019

So last year, 49 year old Debbie split her foot on a rock on the Isle of Mull trying to file hard skin off on the cliffs. This year 50 year old Debbie was smart and made an appointment to see Jill, the Podiatrist at the centre to get a professional seeing to . Jill was fantastic, and her feet now feel fab! Be like 50 year old Debbie and see a professional, thoroughly recommended! More...

8 February 2019

I have been coming to see Mark at the multi therapy centre for years. He preformed surgery on my growing toe nail bed. He is the best chropadist I have ever come across,I was told of Mark by word of mouth when I required his help. I go to have my toes nail cut and he is really friendly and put you at ease. I can highly recommend him and his pleasent reception staff. Thank you for treating me over the years. Mrs Lorraine Roberts. More...