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Welcome to my page and thanks for looking.

I’m Linda and I work with both individuals and teams to help them understand and remove what is holding them back from achieving their full potential and realising their ambitions.

These issues may be on an emotional or very practical level and I can draw on over 30 years of experience as a coach, trainer, facilitator and senior leader to support and guide you.

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16 July 2021

Linda is fantastic and puts you instantly at ease. I love that she is always willing to help, and does so in a kind, caring and professional manner.

16 July 2021

Linda was a calm patient listener and helped me get to the root of my fear. Once identified she helped me clarify the outcome and she then applied her magic to guide me through it.

The next day, the issue occurred and I could not believe how different I felt about it. There was a huge shift in my self-belief and worth. Thank you Linda

15 July 2021

Linda was very attentive at listening to my challenge. She was very calming and soothing and offered some easy solutions. I would reach out to her again in a heart beat, should the need arise. More...

15 July 2021

Linda is absolutely fabulous! I’ve had the privilege of watching her grow her business and herself over the years. She’s confident, knowledgeable, professional yet kind, understanding, patient and loving. Linda has a calming and soothing voice that has talked me out of many panick attacks just by listening to her. She continues to educate herself so that she can help her clients. I’d recommend Linda to everyone! She’s fabulous and knows what she’s doing plus she’s got a heart of gold! More...

15 July 2021

Linda is an empathic and understanding counsellor who always knows the way to help you out of your troubles. She encourages and supports you to build your self-esteem, and your difficulties become less overwhelming the more you engage with her.

15 July 2021

I have had a series of coaching sessions with Linda to help me deal with several personal issues, with which I had been struggling for some time.

Linda gave me the confidence I needed to leave two very toxic situations. It was very important to me that I left with my dignity intact and I was able to do just that.

Regarding a third, even more personal issue, while that is yet to be resolved (and I am OK with that), Linda helped me see things from a different perspective, which has given me more peace of mind and a better understanding of the situation.

While being very professional, Linda's warmth, empathy and her skills helped me understand what was really going on. This is a style that I think can help anyone to take the necessary steps they are reluctant to take, often because of their own lack of confidence or self-belief.

My life has been made much less stressful because of Linda and I have no hesitation in recommending her.


That's easy - it has to be the moments when a client I am working with goes "Aha!" and I know that they have had an insight that is going to change things for them from that moment onwards.

I also love hearing how well they are doing when we have completed a coaching programme - that they are maintaining their new state of calmness, confidence and joy for life!

I worked for large corporate organisations for many years and gathered so much experience and diverse skills that I know help people, and indeed organisations, to transform.

I knew that I wanted to move much closer to supporting individuals and groups of people who are struggling with their feelings and emotions, failing confidence and self belief, stress and anxiety.

I had experienced these struggles personally and when I gained a new understanding of psychology, which is the basis of what I share when I work with people, I felt that I wanted to have the freedom to do this independently and flexibly, rather than constrained by working for another organisation.

I have helped hundreds of professionals and teams through challenging times and struggles, so you will be in safe hands.

I think my personal values say it best:
INTEGRITY - this underpins how I approach all things. I'm honest, open and I'm keen to support you fully on your journey. Oh, and I say it like it is – no pretence, but with kindness and your best interests at heart.

FREEDOM - to me this comes from feeling secure and comfortable in our own skin. Free from doubt in ourself, free from emotional constraint and able to have fun. It is also about choices, independence and creativity. This is what I wish for you.

GROWTH - I love learning and exploring new things and continue to challenge and develop my understanding and knowledge. I want to bring aspects from all I know into coaching conversations. If you are open-minded and ready to benefit from this, then I'm the right choice for you.

Unless alternative arrangements are made, services are delivered via Zoom.

I moved the majority of my services online.

When I do meet customers face to face/ in person, I follow the current guidelines on safety to the full as I want us all to be both safe and to feel comfortable.


If you want to address how you feel in a way targeted to get you results at speed, 1:1 coaching is the best option for you.

My coaching programme is the most personal way to work with me so that I can guide you towards a new perspective and understanding of your situation, your emotions and how you can get back in control.

Coaching sessions are like friendly discussions between friends where we delve into relevant issues. I will ask challenging questions but always from a place of kindness and with your best interests at the centre.

I'm a certified Transformative Coach Practitioner and hold Advanced Diplomas in Coaching and Mentoring alongside qualifications in other modalities that I may draw on to support the work we do together.

I use a mixture of coaching, mentoring and training in sessions so you get the most out of the opportunity.

All coaching calls are currently delivered online.

I offer a range of tailored sessions unique to your defined needs of your team which can be structured around the more typical 'management development' or 'leadership'
topics such as planning, projects, performance etc, or which can come in to look at team relationships and bonding...whatever you want.

Contact me to discuss your needs and I can scope something up for you to consider.

Published January 2022 my e-book explores confidence through the a different lens and shares an understanding of how we experience the world that is possibly different to what you will have heard before.
This book is ideal for leaders and managers who want to stop getting in their own way and to feel calm and confident whatever is going on around them!
Available for £8.99 here: https://bookboon.com/en/confidence-without-limits

In 2019 I created this online learning community for those who want to understand more about the mind and getting back in control but are not yet ready to commit to coaching.
This is a place where you can learn how to calm your stressed and busy mind (and life) with
a fresh and new Masterclass every month, a live group coaching call and a monthly meditation session, alongside a friendly Facebook group for support and inspiration.

You will understand better and explore the intricate relationship between mind and body and how to achieve optimum health and success in life, gain strength and resilience to face whatever life serves up.

It's all designed to help you on your personal Success Journey to a Calm Mind and more Vibrant Life, whatever that means to you. You'll take a deep dive into how your life is working for you right now and be supported through incremental changes to how you think and how you run your life, at your own pace.

You can find out more, and sign up here: https://linda.kartra.com/page/CalmMind_Membership_signup