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Hi, I'm Mark Wilkinson, the Health and Happiness Coach, I’m also now an international best selling author of the book ‘Life Remixed’ (available on Amazon and my website www.markwilkinsonofficial.com)

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23 June 2021

Love this book , Mark wears his heart on his sleeve , lays everything out in this book. Since reading this book , i know work with Mark as my life coach, he his such a honest, enthusiastic and loving person. He gives all of himself to you , so that you can give more of yourself to the world. Highly recommend this book More...

23 June 2021

I was at a cross roads in my life !! Lock down came my Buisness closed and I was turning 50 !!! Mark popped up on my face book feed while I was reading about Bob proctor ! ! I know Mark from school so I looked into his story, and we reconnected and now I’m very grateful he is my coach.
Mark is kind caring and extremely supportive and I see a fantastic future ahead of me with Mark as my coach.

7 April 2021

Mark is genuinely such a warm and kind hearted man that it would be impossible to leave anything here other than a 5* review. I've only been working with him for a short period but his approach, empathy and response to whatever you are experiencing is nothing short of wonderful. I'm yet to find a problem for which Mark hasn't had a solution, his positivity is nothing short of infectious and I come away from each session with a brighter, clearer sense of direction, and renewed passion in my own journey.
Thank you Mark, you're an inspiration to us all.

10 January 2021

Am soo grateful to Mark, My first session has definitely challenged my thought in a positive way. I have created an action plan with his guidance. Certainly made me rethink a lot. I’ve discovered I’m in much better place than I thought I was having talked through things. My goal is be a life coach also. Mark you are a real inspiration.

Thanks soo much Rach 😊

13 November 2020

Having worked with together Mark in the past I have seen his remarkable journey and watched Marks Life Remixed unfold.
To be honest I have always had my reservations, I really thought it’s all another scheme, how can just thinking positively really change my own health and wealth?
Well, fast forward and I’d started to listen, take a little on board and look at my own situation, born grafter, hard worker and decent job, thats how we become wealthy right?
On Monday Mark and myself had a catch up and discussed my goals were and what, I know now, my fears were. Tuesday I had a message out of the blue which was the first inquiry for my new business, the evening was spent with a new potential client discussing my options and by Friday I was given a life changing opportunity to merge my new business and skills with a developed and successful company.
I’d realised, I had aligned, I’d seen the light and opened my mind and vision to the forces and energy and believe what I can achieve.
Release the fear and prepare for your own life remix.

25 October 2020

Life Coaching

Working with Mark has been superb! I’d reached a point in my life where I knew I wanted more and I’d been on autopilot for too long. Fast forward seven weeks, and I’ve seen so many changes in myself and the relationships I have in my life. I’m feeling positive and wholly engaged, and it’s thank to Mark for helping me understand where I was going wrong and teaching me the tools to achieve great things. More...

17 September 2020

Addiction Therapy

I'm so glad I've found Mark who's really started to challenge my thinking in a positive way with regards to my life. Being 53 years old I thought I was just waiting for retirement but so needed a new direction in life and Mark is showing me the way. With his experience in life and his contagious enthusiasm he is the right Life coach for me and I'm sure will be for many others! More...

5 July 2020

Mark is kind compassionate and has helped me how to choose my own directions, achieve my goals but most of all grow as a person for unlimited happiness, priceless!

Thank you, Mark, this is just the start of the new me.

17 June 2020

Life Coaching

I was instantly drawn to Mark's story and success, and after our first chat I was certain I'd chosen the right person to help me achieve my goals. So easy to talk to and leaves you feeling very positive after every session with plenty of ideas to work on for personal development. Personally I've been shocked at the progress I've made after only 3 sessions and confident about the future with Mark's continued help. More...

16 June 2020

Life Coaching

I'm 2 sessions into working / talking to Mark he is very easy to talk to and clearly knows his stuff. I am already seeing changes in my life and I really can't wait for our next chat. Thankyou mark!

15 June 2020

Life Coaching

I came across Mark on bark, within 24 hours we spoke and starting making a positive change, relating to him in a similar ways his mentoring has been great. 3 sessions in and my mind set is very different if you want to make a positive change try Mark @ life remixed. Great value, down to earth, genuine, friend and mentor for life. More...

12 June 2020

Mark is really easy to talk to, helping me live my life in a much more positive way. Mark helped me to focus on what I want out of life and how to get there. He's really down to earth sharing stories from his own life very openly. I can honestly say he has changed my life for the better. Thank you Mark! More...


I love people! I love seeing people grow from challenging places to places of pure joy and happiness.

After suffering from my own anxiety, addictions, a health crisis, bankruptcy, and relationship problems I was able to remix my life and turn it all around. I enjoy helping people with their own issues remix their lives. I inspire others to improve all areas of their lives. My goal for everyone is to be able to really live, love and enjoy every moment of their lives (not just struggle through as I did for many years).

1. I'm a best selling author of Life Remixed
2. I share positive turnarounds from my own life experiences, showing people how to remix their own lives.
3. I'm a friendly, positive, upbeat, motivational person, who's happy to listen and help you set and achieve goals.
3. I expect commitment and results from all my 'Life Remixers'.
4. I can speak and connect to people of all ages (male or female) helping to create real clarity and direction in your life.

I utilise Zoom for the majority of my coaching, I also have a digital diary that you can book into when there are available slots.

Remote guidance is provided, many people have been having challenges during Covid-19 however my belief is 'in every crisis there is an opportunity' which I am happy to discuss with you.


I have overcome this myself, having collapsed in my mid 30's.

Helping people identify, accept, overcome and deal with their addictions. Addictions can be anything!

After many disastrous relationships I finally learnt how to attract and keep a good one. I understand the importance of the role of both partners, the masculine and feminine and to identify what the other needs. I have some great lessons to help you and partner find the love, joy and happiness you deserve.

As an entrepreneur myself I understand the importance of multiple sources of income. I've gone from bankruptcy to a 6 figure salary in the corporate world and now to a Director of 10 companies. I am a Fellow of the ILM and coach other Directors in corporate companies as a NED.

Your thoughts reflect your life. I inspire people to think and feel positively as I know first-hand the power of this and how your universe will change. Your material world will take shape when you create a positive mindset.

Create Multiple Sources of Income and live your happiest life