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I am a Life Coach and Wellness Professional who strives to help people to become the best version of themselves.
I will support you to meet and exceed your personal and professional goals, find your passion and purpose in life and learn how to make yourself a priority.

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15 March 2022

I have had several sessions with Kathryn , she has really helped me to improve my leadership skills and I have grown in confidence . She has been so supportive and helped me to understand my goals making a clear pathway forward, with commitments to achieving them! Thank you so much Kathryn! More...

15 March 2022

An excellent coach and extremely caring mentor. Kathryn helped me refocus and look at how I could turn what I saw as barriers into very positive opportunities. The strategies and tools provided and discussed have been invaluable in both my career and personal life. Thank you. I will most certainly call on you again. More...

9 March 2022

Kathryn was absolutely fantastic, I wanted some support to help my achieve a promotion at work, she showed me many tools to help me work through the barriers I had and I have since been able to achieve my goal! Thank you Kathryn , I will be back for more expert guidance! More...


I really love making a difference in peoples lives. Helping them to achieve their dreams and grow in confidence . I give them back the power and ability to be able to make things happen for themselves.

I was working as a senior manager , very long hours , lots of pressure and my health was starting to suffer. I turned 50 and thought something had to change. I was coaching people daily within my job and they were repeatedly asking if i could continue their sessions outside of work as they were feeling the benefits and wanted to continue making progress and maintain that feeling of exhiliration and pride due to the results they were seeing.
I realised this was where my strengths lay and so went on a variety of professional training courses to support my knowledge and skills. I then took the plunge and resigned. I have never looked back and here i am. :)

I am getting great results and my clients are coming back for repeat sessions which is lovely. I have a real connection with my clients and can easily help you to feel relaxed and able to be yourself in my company. I can build rappor quickly and have great emotional intelligence . I am guided very much by you and we will go at your pace. This is your journey after all.

I can provide my service via zoom or in person.
We would initially have a telephone consultation where we can then decide the best way for our sessions to take place

During my sessions were via zoom.
During the consultation period we can discuss health etc and agree how we can best run the sessions.


Support with romantic relationships,
Family relationships,
Career goal setting,
Fitness goal setting,
Breaking bad habits,
Overcoming psychological barriers,
Identifying your problems and their causes,
Fear of failure,
Lack of confidence and self belief,