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I'm Robin Goldsbro. I'm an Executive Life Coach who helps people create the life they want. It's not about returning to a state of 'OK ' - Its way beyond that and living into your potential.

I help people get back in touch with themselves, integrate their personal and professional life so they can live a life that it true to themselves.


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26 February 2020

Through Robins coaching, I feel a better person, he’s made me think differently. Helping me think in a different way, has resulted in better and quicker results, not just for me, but others too.

26 February 2020

It was truly was life changing, I am looking at life in a much better light, and today I actually started my new job. I haven’t stopped singing your praises, it was revolutionary.

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Taking someone who feels lost and helping them see their path, to creating a plan, to managing their emotions, getting rid of fear and living their life with purpose is the best feeling in the world. If I didn't have bills to pay I'd do it for free!

I was once lost and someone helped me and changed my life. I wanted to help people realise what I did and break free to live a life which is true and free.

The best coaches don’t just have skills and techniques, but a wealth of real life experience.

That’s what you’re getting when you work with me. You’re not only getting YEARS of training, but a heap of real life experience that helps me understand where you’re coming from, what works and how long it really takes.


Level Seven isn't just a business name but a reference to a psychological state of being. It's a leap in consciousness. There are 5 principles Emotional Intelligence, Purpose, Systems, Energy, Subtraction. Check out my video's to learn more. I get you there through a tool bag that includes: Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Intelligence, Timeline Therapy (TLT), Hypnosis, CBT, Senior business & Leadership Experience and an interesting life that makes it real.

Project Everest is about overcoming the fear that holds you back and building confidence so you can climb your own mountain. This is a 3 month programme where we explore the nature of fear and how it personally holds you back. We turn down the volume of that voice in your head and you learn how to do more than you thought possible. Working with me on project Everest will be like having your own mountain guide that will help you see the mountain for what it is, train yourself to climb it and select the right equipment.

There are times in our life when we feel lost, adrift and just stuck; suffering from existential angst, wondering what our purpose is and feel that we’re not really ‘living’ our life. This is a difficult place with no specific direction to move into. You can float like this for years, whilst beating yourself up that time is running out. Project Pathfinder is a 3 month programme that helps you find your true path and the turns to take to get on that route. It equips you with everything you need to start your journey.

Sometimes we don’t achieve our goals because we’re 'too busy’, putting others first or doing busy work. It’s exhausting and it can leave us feeling out of breath, wondering what we’re doing all this for. The reality is that it's only when we’re taking care of ourselves can we do our best work, support those we care about and bring our ‘A’ game. That’s easier said than done. Project Oxygen is about learning to put on your own oxygen mask first. This is a 6 month programme that puts you first and back in control of your life. We create a whole new set of rituals and habits built around essentialism and to create a 'less but better ‘plan. Working with me on project Oxygen will be like having a personal fitness coach but for your mental health and well-being.

Most people think it’s their lack of confidence that is holding them back, but that’s not true. People don’t achieve what they want because they have a well-intentioned voice in their head that tells them negative things. They have an ‘away from’ not a ‘towards' strategy. They don’t have systems in place to help them and they allow themselves to be bogged down by non-essential people, things, places and activities that drain their energy. Project Pheonix is about unpacking all this and positively refocusing what you commit your energy to. Pheonix is a 12 month programme for people who want to totally transform their lives and they’re ready for someone to have their back 100% for the duration. We work deep on all 5 of the Level 7 principles to create the life you want. This is a programme for the committed, for those who’ve drawn a line in the sand and said ‘I’m not wasting anymore of my life - I’m doing this!

Shackleton was a legendary leader and this programme is for leaders and business owners that want to be extra-ordinary. This programme leads you through the Level 7 principles from a business context. We look at the legacy you want to leave, your emotional intelligence, conflict management, negotiation skills, presentation skills and more. This is a programme about leading with authenticity, presence, making an impact and perfectly integrating your work and personal life. Project Shackleton is a 6 month programme, bringing together powerful executive coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, management consulting and access to senior business experience.