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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Providing personal training services tailored to your needs. Fitness therapy, weight loss, fitness enhancement, preparing for an event.

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17 March 2019

Nutritionists & Dietitians

Very professional and easy to talk to . Put my daughter at ease immediately and I’m confident of getting good results

23 January 2019

I have never enjoyed the gym or fitness classes and I hate exercising in front of other people so I wanted someone who could come and train me at home. I found Train Learn Go on here and after checking out their website and speaking to them on the phone, I booked in for a consultation. I was very impressed by how down to earth and friendly Claire was when she came out to see me. She worked my sessions in around my schedule and she doesn't mind if the children are around when we do the training. She taught me all about how to eat properly without giving me a strict plan that I might not stick to. I can eat what I chose, just how and when she advises me to. I really enjoy the sessions, and for someone who hates exercise, that is amazing! We have a laugh and the time seems to fly by (except when I'm holding a plank!). I still hate exercising, but I like having Claire round and we seem to get a lot done in a short time. More...

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23 January 2019

I was looking for a personal trainer but the ones at the gym are quite expensive and I don't know what I am doing on my own so I wanted to find someone who could help me but without spending too much money. I saw an ad on Facebook for Train Learn Go and thought I'd have a look at how much they cost. I was dead impressed that they come in cheaper than a PT at the gym, and they save me a load of time by coming out to me at home.My PT, Dan, comes out to my house and we train in the kitchen most of the time. He brings his 'bag of tricks' with him and every time he brings out something different to hurt me with! Haha! Only joking. I am starting to see the difference in my strength and endurance already, so whatever he does, it works. My goal was to get some muscles so I can look my best by summer. I have dropped 7% body fat already and can feel the difference. He seems to know his stuff! More...

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23 January 2019

After having children I never felt the same again. I put weight on and really struggled to get it off. I would get a bit of weight off then get fed up of dieting and put it back on. Seemed to be stuck in a cycle. I have been working with Claire at Train Learn Go for nearly 6 months now and I am finally feeling like myself again. I had quite a bit to lose and still have some way to go, but having someone there, week in week out, to help me and to teach me is the only way I could do it. She explains things in a way that I get and she's so passionate about nutrition and fitness that I can't help but get a bit excited about it too! It is making a difference to my whole family because it is motivating us all to look after ourselves a bit more. My husband has even signed up as well so we have sessions one after the other. I would recommend Train Learn Go to anyone who wants the speed and convenience of working out at home. More...

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9 January 2019

Thanks to Claire at TLG I have managed to feel confident about myself for the first time in years. I see her a couple of times a week since trying other ways to lose weight and getting nowhere. I always tried to eat right but advice seems to keep changing and what is healthy one minute is bad for us the next. So even though I tried to eat well I struggled to keep a healthy weight. But I have been taught how the body works and can now eat in a way that keeps me feeling and looking good. The service is really convenient. Just when I think I don’t have the motivation to exercise, Claire turns up and before I have time to protest, she has been and gone and I’ve done my workout. I would recommend Claire happily to anyone who wants to look after themselves and needs some support and motivation. More...

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I place emphasis on the nutritional side of things. In turn, increasing both physical performance as well as overall wellbeing.
I give my clients the knowledge and the tools they need in order to be able to make better food choices everyday for the rest of their lives. Then I bring the motivation to their front door and train them in their own home. The sessions are bespoke, fun, innovative and most importantly, they get sustainable results.

Nutrition! Following a sustainable bespoke nutritional prescription, tailored to each individual client.

The reason I do what I do is to use my knowledge and skills to help people of all ages and walks of life to feel good about themselves. I give people self-confidence. I give people more energy. I give people pride in the way they look and feel. And as a consequence, I may also improve people's health. Is there really anything better that I could do for a living?

I know that so many people want to feel better in themselves but don't always know how to do that on their own. There is so much confusing and conflicting information out there when it comes to diet and fitness. I want to guide and teach people how to get themselves into the best shape possible, and to keep it that way.

You will get no gimmicks, no fads, no quick fixes. I bring motivation and accountability to your door and work alongside you to get life-long changes instilled in your day to day routine.


I work with clients who wish to look and feel good as well as being functional well into old age. I provide an ongoing programme that covers areas such as fat burning, muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness, stamina, metabolic efficiency, recovery, etc, all with the minimal dose of exercise so that it fits into your life without spending hours each day in the gym.