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Let Me Write is a one woman operation offering expertise in CV writing, backed up with constant market and competitor research to stay ahead of current trends and best practice. All CVs, cover letters, personal statements and other written content are prepared in MS Word and designed to suit the personality and requirements of the individual client;


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23 July 2018

Great service. Really good communication and understanding of how the jobs market works and how to make a cv stand out. Great value for money and the communication was clear, helpful and helped me understand where i was going wrong. Would highly recommend


Everything! No two people are the same, meaning that no two assignments are the same and no two CVs look or feel the same when they're complete. This is a fascinating industry, with so many variables, and the application of basic human psychology in the preparation of an application document, is endlessly interesting and motivating. The rewards are immense too - and no, I don't mean the money. I love that my clients keep in touch, letting me know when they've successfully secured an interview or been awarded a new job or university placement. It means so much to have played a small part in their success and helped them on their way. Those little notes keep me on track through even the most frustrating and difficult jobs.

In January 2016 it became evident that the communications company I had worked for over the past 16 years would be closing down, leaving over 200 people redundant. My skills as a wordsmith and my reputation for going the extra mile, meant people started coming to me for help with their future plans and aspirations. I helped many of them to prepare CVs and cover letters and watched with pride as they went on to secure new jobs at the end of their employment term. I did some research at the time into best practice for job applications and CV presentation and as well as learning some amazing practical information, I also learned a bit about the industry. There are so many CV writing companies out there to choose from but the prices are often extremely high and the end products are often templated - so you're paying for a CV that looks the same as everyone else's. To me, preparing someone for the road ahead is about being helpful, about connecting with people; getting inside their head and offering genuine support and motivation.
I started Let Me Write to offer a CV writing service with a difference. I am committed first and foremost to my clients; I am selling my personality, my writing skills, my knowledge and my support. I take great pride in being a small business and keeping things personal and that's the way it's going to stay.

Simply because I care. I've chosen this business because of the difference it can make to people's future plans when they have the right starting point, Since I started out, I have turned down opportunities to write for 4 of the leading CV writing businesses because to me, they have the wrong values. This isn't about making money, it's about making a difference and I'm doing that, in my own way, one client at a time. My core values are honesty, integrity, communication, affordability and personalisation - if those are the values you want in a CV writer; if you want someone who will help you because they want you to succeed, then you should choose Let Me Write.