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Broxbourne, Hertfordshire


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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


I help people to unravel their challenges and take steps to learn and develop new personal and/or professional skills to boost confidence, self-esteem and an optimistic approach to life.

I know what it feels like to struggle with stress and worries about health, relationships and career matters.

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1 December 2020

Life Coaching

Lesley Taylor has been a great coach, she really help me work through my Personal blockages. We worked through my fears, anxiety and past to a clear and brighter outlook.
We’ve had a lot of great talks and figured out ways that work for me to feel confident in my future plans and goals. I would definitely recommend her as a coach

13 November 2020

“Thank you for helping me to change my life around- showing me how to change my mind set for the better”.
From contacting you, feeling hopeless, at the bottom of a deep dark hole. To feeling amazing, empowered, so happy. Knowing I am a strong and capable woman. I can achieve anything. I’m now going to life my life to the full no more negativity and I’m going to be so much happier!!
Your the best!!!

2 September 2020

Couples Counselling

We have now embarked on our journey with Lesley and met her once. We feel that we have a good mentor who will hopefully help us with our goals.

22 July 2020


Since starting to work with Lesley around 6 months ago I have gained so much confidence, self compassion and improved my communication skills. Not only has this been noticeable to me but to my family and friends around me who see a far more self assured and assertive person who can make better decisions for herself.
After my initial 6 week period with Lesley I decided to keep going with sessions on a 3 week to monthly basis. She continues to help me though any issues that come up and keep reinforcing the lessons we have spoken about previously. I highly recommend working with Lesley and thank her for all the help she has given me.

12 July 2020

Thank you Lesley for the help that you have given me over the last 6 months unravelling some long term issues and helping me to gain the confidence needed to make positive changes moving forward.

12 November 2019

Dear Lesley,
This is to say thanks so much for being my coach. With your listening ear and guidance, you have helped me positively uncover certain areas of my life I had abandoned, you have shown me how to check in with myself and the importance of healing emotions. I could say so much more, but thank you for doing what you do and for being there. More...

30 July 2019

I've had a couple of 6-session series' of coaching sessions with Lesley and find her to be a highly effective coach. I am someone who is naturally self-reflective, but find that working through issues with Lesley helps me gain insight and perspective which I would not normally achieve. As such, I have found my own personal growth develop far faster with her input. Lesley has made excellent recommendations for directions to explore, as well as having the ability to focus in on key points - my reflections (and thought process) can be "chaotic" and it is helpful to have a guiding light. She is someone with whom I am able to be honest, and who is able to support, contain and work with my personal approach to development while ensuring I have direction that is appropriate and continues to propel me forward. More...

30 August 2018

Lesley is a true professional. She has such a calming influence, providing valuable guidance and practical step by step advice.

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I love helping people to resolve their problems. Clients are so brave to ask for help in the first place so to be in a position to empower them to overcome their challenges and find new ways to think, feel and live with a strong and positive mind set is a real privilege.
When people open up and are honest and willing to grow and develop their personal skills and knowledge, the sky is the limit for the changes that can happen to bring fresh and amazing new choices into their lives.

My own life experiences, in particular the journey I have undergone to get from a very troubled place, to flourish today as an empowered, happy and capable woman. The skills, knowledge and qualifications I have accumulated through work and training have supported and enhanced my ability and life skills to be a great coach.
As a child, I was very shy, had no confidence and was unable to enjoy life properly because home life was so hectic and stressful. Relationships were strained and difficult, I always felt unsure of myself and put others feelings before my own.
I struggled with stress and anxiety as a young adult which I hid from the world, but which caused illness and distress.
I experienced work place aggression and confrontational situations that I struggled to handle and saw others experience in the same way.
When I finally got help from a coach and changed my life for the better, I realised I wanted to start my own business to help others overcome similar problems in the same way.

I provide a professional and confidential 1:1 service for my clients.
Work with me and you will make amazing progress if you are fully committed to the process.
I am a great listener, very sensitive and kind but also very effective in what I do. I understand how painful it can be when you are in a dark or difficult place and don't know what to do about it. However, you will reap the benefits of getting help to overcome problems like anxiety, fear, stress, depression, communication and relationship breakdown and go on to discover your true potential feeling energised, vibrant and fulfilled. This is such a rewarding journey, although challenging and emotional at times.
I can help you to turn things around as I have an enormous amount of experience in life and as a coach. I can help you to develop bold and positive personal skills including the ability to communicate better, to understand and manage your emotions, to be more assertive and find joy in your life.
I am a qualified coach with a background of over 25 years working in health care environments as a Chartered Physiotherapist.
I really look forward to helping you in the future.