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I am an experienced and well knowledged Personal Trainer providing face-to-face and online coaching. I provide all the essentials and more for you to get started on your journey to becoming a better healthier you. Working with me will get you things such as (base package includes all these):

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I help my clients achieve their fitness goals by creating a maintainable but challenging individualised program that is tailored to the client. I use tried and tested science and evidence based practices to get the best out of each client.

Hard work, commitment & dedication, consistency, healthy diet, belief and trust in yourself & your coach. Most importantly a willingness to learn and be educated.

My greatest satisfaction in this job is seeing the successes and smiling faces of clients who you have helped achieve their goals and transform their lives. I believe in this industry there should be no greater joy than seeing this.

I was inspired to start my own business because I was tired of seeing how big gyms were taking advantage of clients. They were providing coaches with not enough knowledge and experience and coaching them and training them for short-term unmaintainable lifestyles.

I have an open minded approach to fitness and lifestyle coaching/training. I am well knowledged, have a broad skillset and a wealth of experience from years in the industry. I know that every single client is different so everything must be correctly tailored to suit their needs. I have a strong background in high performance sports, weightlifting (power/olympic), strength and conditioning and most importantly prehabilitation and rehabilitation as I am studying physiotherapy.


Strength & Conditioning is a mix of strength, aerobic and other mixed training methods to tailor programs and dietary assistance for specific people or athletes with performance based goals.

One on one training provided either in person or remotely. This includes programming for the individual, meal plans/dietary advice, supplementation advice and education for a healthy lifestyle.

This service is for (but not limited to) people who are needing pre and post operative training. Aimed at increasing ones functional capacity before and after surgery. Also for anyone with prior injuries that are still struggling with them and want to get back to normal day to day activities and movements, or someone who needs to have prevention for injury.

Custom meal plans and dietary advice for the individual. All of this is determined on a person to person basis, their goals, current lifestyle habits, body type/size, gender, age and exercise type/output. NOT a cookie cut meal plan that is designed once and given to everyone.

This is similar to S&C however doesn't fall under the traditional S&C banner as it includes more and is for anyone looking to increase their athletic abilities. This type of coaching will focus heavily on ones current movement patterns, strength, speed and power and how they can be developed to increase performance. Either for a sport or purely for ones health. Application of science and evidence based practices.

Online coaching will and can include several of my other services, however it is done remotely. This is a great option for someone who needs that extra bit of help and isn't as flexible on time. It will include things such as meal plans and dietary advice, programming, monthly or fortnightly video calls, contact throughout with any issues, access to program, meal plan and exercise library via an app.

This is a type of coaching that is for you average Joe or Jane looking to change their current lifestyle habits for better healthier ones that are maintainable and for longevity. It will include bits and pieces from my other services, obviously depending on the clients needs and wants. It is completely tailored to the individual and can include as much or as little as they like.

This coaching can be delivered in person or online. It is for people who are 75+ years of age and would like to have a good healthy quality of life and maintain their independency. It includes basic but necessary strength training, aerobic training, prehab & rehab and functional training to maintain good healthy movement patterns.