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Laura-Marie Allen



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Using only positive behaviour training methods, I am here to help you and your dog have the best life together possible. This starts with having a trusting relationship where the respect and knowledge of each other works both ways.

With the knowledge you have of your dog and my observations, I work to help you better understand your dogs behaviour, and for your dog to better understand the behaviours you are asking them for.

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24 February 2021

Dog Training

We had adopted two Romanian rescue dogs, who both had major, but different issues. Initially, they were the best of friends but after a while, one started becoming aggressive to the other resulting in a serious fight requiring vet treatment. We had previously tried another trainer for basic training but we were making very little progress. We contacted Laura to see if she could help us. Quite simply, she has made astonishing progress with the dogs in a short space of time. This has eased our lives immensely. Initially, the dogs were timid, would not leave the house and reacted with utter fear to collars, leads and harnesses. They understood no English words or basic commands. Now, they have grown in confidence, have no issues with leads or harnesses, and actively look forward to two longish walks a day. One has even learnt some basic tricks. As a side to training them separately at first, and then, after some time, together, the dog that showed the aggression is also improving and is much calmer. We are now able to have them both in the same room. Our life has improved, and the dogs are beginning to relax and enjoy life. We cannot thank Laura enough and would recommend her with confidence. More...


Helping owners to create a trusting relationships with their pets, allowing them to have the best pet owning experience possible. Animals bring so much happiness to our lives, and they deserve owners like you and people like me who want the best for them too. I love seeing owners joy and pride when their pets learn to notice what they're asking of them and act accordingly. I also love watching the bond grow throughout the process- knowing that i'm helping to facilitate that life-long relationship.

I actually left my doctorate programme in psychology to pursue this career so it is by no means something to just pass the time with.

I have had a passion for working with animals for years and have finally decided that I want to do a job that I love every day. I have seen the effect animals can have on our lives and our health and loved the idea of continuing to work with people and animals at the same time.

I'm not just an animal person. To me, dog training is as much about working with people as it is about working with animals. Unless you are taking a dog into a training camp- this is a combined effort that relies on consistency. Thanks to my extensive experience working with people, including vulnerable people with mental health issues- I am very empathetic to peoples needs and non-judgemental of the circumstances people find themselves in.

I believe that nobody who wants an animal in their life should have to live without one and therefore work to the best of my ability to modify my work wherever possible to meet your lifestyle and your needs. I will always put the needs of a dog first, but I know that some suggestions are just not possible for everyone. I have alternative approaches to try and work with every situation.

I am well versed in using online services such as zoom and can do so if required. I can also prepare training timetables and am happy for us to video work with your dog for you to reflect back on if you wish to start face to face and then move online.

I can work with you over zoom, phone, and email if you wish. I am also happy to continue working in outdoor areas.

I will ask customers if they have had recent symptoms. If I have any reason to believe I have been in contact with someone who has coronavirus I will contact my clients to rearrange their upcoming appts.

I completely understand that some issues are particularly present in the home. For that reason I am happy to continue home visits (due to gov.uk explaining this is allowed if working from home is not reasonable for the service). I will social distance, wash my hands regularly and have sanitiser to hand, use a face covering (we will establish first if this is safe in relation to issues around dog aggression). I have worked in health care environments previously and am well versed in infection control.


Dog Obedience (Pulling, chewing, barking etc)

Trick training (have successfully achieved left paw, right paw, back up, hide, roll over, speak [whisper and shout], hoop jumps, sit pretty, high 5 and high 10, spin etc, limp, identifying toys by name etc).

Lower levels of 'aggression' (Barking, Lunging, growling, defensive body language, mild-moderate food and toy guarding)

I am personally comfortable to meet dogs that appear to gave higher levels of aggression to offer an opinion- but at this time is not an area I have large amounts of experience in and would therefore redirect anyone who has genuine fears for the safety of others around their dog (e.g dog has bitten or has made a clear attempt to bite) to request a behaviourist referral immediately from their vet as the safest most effective route.

Happy to take your dog for walks working on training along the way. Be it the 'too cold/early for this' morning walk, the 'i'm at work' lunch time walk or the 'i need to rest and have dinner' evening walk. I can be flexible around most schedules.