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Highgate, Camden, London



Built in 1582 and set in Waterlow Park, Lauderdale House runs primarily as an arts and education centre welcoming over 65,000 visitors annually. Our varied programme includes performances, exhibitions, classes and events, as well as weddings and parties, which together bring this historic building to life.


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7 June 2019

Awesome place food is amazing and a loverly park.

2 June 2019

Beautiful area

10 May 2019

Charming cafe in the middle of the picturesque Waterlow park. It is a cafe with a functioning kitchen at the back from where they dish out a small choice of dishes. We had chilli and a smoked salmon salad, each about 7 pounds. It is very reasonable given the picturesque location. The cafe had a slightly chaotic feel to it which we chose to find charming. :-) More...

16 March 2019

There is such a variety of events to suit all tastes and ages. My group SERENATA have been giving concerts in the house for over ten years now. We love performing in this historic, inspirational house. More...

29 September 2018

what a great place, awesome exhibitions, fantastic food. would recommend if for your next wedding, or any function. or even just a nice place to have lunch in a beautiful park.

13 August 2018

Nice venue for a party - good food and very pleasant staff. Be warned though, no air conditioning so if it’s a hot day you might be in a spot of bother!

9 June 2018

Nice cafe running onto a wonderful garden and local park. A calm restful space.

9 June 2018

Lovely place to go to and the park is great too.

9 June 2018

Set in the beautiful Waterlow park, the lovely and recently renovated Lauderdale House had a great exhibition on, which was free!
Rounded off by a great coffee in the cafe at the back it's definitely well worth a visit.

9 June 2018

Nice cafe with pleasant surroundings. Choice of indoor and outdoor seating. Great-tasting quiche with side salad and coffee but slightly expensive.

8 June 2018

Lovely art, fabulous people

8 June 2018

Storica dimora londinese ubicata dentro il Waterlow Park. Ingresso gratuito con percorso illustrato da note scritte e gentilissimi volontari

20 January 2018

I thought that Lauderdale House was absolutely fantastic . Not only was it a really lovely place to have an exhibition of my painting but seeing all the other things going on there made me feel so much more positive about life . Good classes , good teachers , extremely helpful people in charge and lovely food available . I really had not expected it to be so good . It would be lovely to see what is going on there all the time , it s probably my fault that I don t see that and this particular notice has made me determined to find out again ! More...

6 December 2017

Lauderdale House is a very special local place. I’ve exhibited art work there 5 times now over 20 years with various other local artists and we had the opportunity to share our artistic experiences in a very beautiful environment. I’ve been to art classes, yoga - been to wonderful concerts, craft fairs, taken children and grandchildren to puppet shows. I love walking through Waterloo Park to get there and then to enjoy sitting having a coffee with friends. Priceless ! More...

21 May 2017

Great venue and the staff are amazing

4 September 2013

Maybe it has to do with age, but I am really starting to like community-based activities. Especially in a city as big and anonymous as London, I find it reassuring to once and in while run into familiar faces. Lauderdale House can be such a place: I've come here to a few yoga classes, but I also know that there's a local choir meeting here for their weekly practice as well as community art fairs etc.On top of that, Lauderdale House is beautifully located within Waterlow Park and I've witnessed many a birthday parties or wedding receptions here with Lauderdale House being the gracious and visually stunning host. More...

3 September 2013

I've been looking around for Yoga classes in North London and I'm amazed as to how many there are: there's various yoga studios as well as various independent teachers that offer yoga sessions at community halls: Billy Doyle is one of the latter and he offers his yoga class at Lauderdale House in Highgate (situated within Waterlow Park). I really enjoyed coming here and I will certainly back. What I enjoyed is that this is a relatively gentle approach to yoga (it's called Yoga in the Kashmir Tradition). For me this was perfect for a Monday evening to wind down and relax...yes, relax. This is in fact what I most liked about this session: I didn't feel like I was or had to perform. Billy is an older but quite remarkable older gentleman. He is very kind and soft-spoken when you first meet him, but I was surprised to find that when he starts the session, his voice is firm and directive. I find the setting here perfect for my needs; I sometimes feel that at yoga centers the atmosphere is way too "chill" and meditative, where every conversation is about yoga, the healthy mindset and wearing appropriate clothing. But here it seems more of a community gathering with added health benefits...Billy Doyle offers two classes here at Lauderdale House during term times: Monday evenings and Tuesday late mornings. He also has another session in Kew Gardens on Thursday late mornings. A meditation class is held at his house in Hampstead on Thursday evenings. More...

20 April 2008

Lauderdale House is best for its chips and tea. I sit outside in all weathers to take in the incredible views of landscaped gardens and sky. I find it best to smoke here - it ensures a metre or so space is cleared for you between your blissful, solitary contemplation of the flowers, and the tweeting Highgate tots in knits all covered in sticky ice cream and carrying violins and oboes twice their size. I was once a little un here too, but, far from bearing a weighty musical instrument from the age of two, I was thrown out of the Lauderdale House children's Christmas party aged six for singing jingle bells, Batman smells too loudly and no doubt out of tune. It is that sort of place. But I bear no grudge, because the chips are good and they still sell Mr Men lollies. Highgate Mental Hospital is next door, so patients often come here for a quiet cup of tea. You could, like me, spend hours over a lifetime trying to work out if the sundial has ever told the correct time. (Or you might be intelligent and know how sundials work!) Andrew Marvell lived here once, or his patron did, and his poem about bees is quoted on the dial's face. The only complaint I have is that when the toilets run out of toilet paper, the cafe owners claim to be unable to procure any more because the toilets are run by somebody else. Inside the house they have ludicrously useless, twee and overpriced handmade crafts on sale by their makers every now and then. The house itself is lovely in a staid, sensible, English sort of a way reminiscent of cream teas. More...