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27 June 2019

Peter was on our case from the start finding the best deal for us and then coordinating with Canada Life and Ashfords (the solicitors) to bring the issue to a speedy end. He acted very professionally throughout the whole proceeding More...


Reply from LaterLifeAdvice.com

Thank you Robin. It was a real pleasure helping you and I believe that I will be able to help you in the future with other areas that arrive in later life planning


Seeing the difference in people feel after they have started to experience "the Life Planning process".

Discovering that I appear to have a gift in explaining complicated things in a simple manner.

Seeing the relief in people when they have discovered that there is a solution that works.

I have a strong motivation to keep on keeping on u ntil I can see that clients are "sorted".

I chose financial services a long time ago because I could use the best practices of some of the people with the highest integrity who inspired me.

I've been doing this a very long time and they will see from my referrals I have satisfied lots of people.

I'll give them what they want - even if they don't know exactly what they want before we meet.

My process will draw these answers from them so that they will see just what can happen.

I'll dowhat I can to make their lives more rewarding, happier and a lot less stressful.

To offer a really good service which included "a cash planning process".