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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


We help enterprises, technology providers and innovative startups build modern software applications leveraging the full benefits of modern architectures, development platforms, continuous delivery practices and cloud-enabled deployment platforms.

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9 July 2018

''It is a pleasure to write this recommendation, since I am convinced that Irshad will be an asset to any organisation/individual seeking his services in computer arts, design and illustration.

Irshad showed self-initiative from his first contact with me shortly after I requested a 3D Animation project for a TV channel. At subsequent meetings, it was clear that he was an organised person, capable of setting demanding but realistic goals for the project. Irshad immediately understood the marketing concept, added some novel ideas to it, and completed it on schedule with better than expected results. Flexible enough to adapt to changes as they were proposed, He very willingly accepted new ideas throughout the project’s development. I value highly Irshad's ability to cover both: the creative and the technical sides of 3D design.In my opinion he is one of those new generation of Digital Artists with both artistic talent and technical expertise.

Irshad is a creative, dependable and a capable professional artist. For all of these reasons, I give him my strongest recommendation without hesitation.''

2 December 2017

I am pleased with the work done by Irshad & his team at LaraibzWorld. They are professional, quick to respond, and helped me understand website development - something I had no previous experience with. I felt the quality of their work was excellent.

Kavita Kashyap
Probitas Verify Private Limited


Characteristics of a great website should consist of the following:
Highly intuitive,
Responsive to any device in the world - desktop, laptop, all kinds of mobiles
Should open in all browsers
State of the art user friendly experience.
Unique and Impressive Design Layout
Use of Specific and unique content
Use of High definition images
Page ranking at top in all the search engines
Having presence in all the social media networking sites
Easily approachable by customers through search engines
Right use of Robots.txt file

1. What is the purpose of the project
2. What type of project is this
3. Do you need a new website or want to overhaul the existing one
4. What technologies you want to be implemented in the project
5. How soon the project is going to start
6. Brief description of the project
7. Is it a on-going project or one time only
8. Any additional details
9. Budget for the project

My creative process is usually inspired and driven by my imagination and thoughts.

1. Sketching/brainstorming ideas:
Once I am done with requirement gathering and analysis and am very sure I know everything there is to know about the project, I start get into sketching
using pencil and paper or using tablet, because sketching gives the distinct ability to jump from one idea to another easily. I do sketch out a bunch of rough
designs for my ideas, narrow them down to a few and let the client provide feedback on whether I am on the right track or not. Depending on the
knowledge or expectations of my client, I do want to skip the sketches and move into some more detailed style tiles.

2. Define Content and create workflow:
When my client green signals an idea or two, the next step of the creative process is to create a workflow. Creating a workflow includes creating a list of
each section to be included on the site, with brief information on what type of content will be shown on each page.

The client is presented with the outline or the workflow so they can add, remove or adjust any sections or features. Sharing the workflow with the client
gives the us room for creativity and in turn helps in churning out innovative design ideas and keeps the client in loop at all times.

The client needs to approve the workflow before the project continues. This will help us to develop a budget and time frame to build the site (not a part of
the creative process but important all the same).

3. Use of Low and High Fidelity Wireframes:
Low-fidelity wireframes provide a framework for creative designs. These wireframes are simple line drawings of website layouts that focus on
placement of elements rather than colour and type. They describe in detail what features will be on the site, such as user accounts, social networking
functions or a newsletter sign-up. Low-fidelity wireframes are presented as a rough sketch to the client without graphics.

Post low-fidelity wireframes, high-fidelity wireframes play a crucial role in providing a more realistic experience of the actual product, in this case our website. These wireframes provide a better outline of the product; filling in the details missing in low-fidelity wireframes. These wireframes define the visual hierarchy of the page, actual form and interaction elements, and often labels, instructional text and some copy.

4. Visual Mock-ups:
A web designer brings life to the wireframe by coming up with a visual representation of the website. The mock up is meant to provide your web client
with visuals of what the completed site will look like in a browser window before the web developer spends any time building the web pages.

A graphic mock up is the best way to show the client what will be the finished website look like because it can demonstrate near-precise colour, accurate
representation of font sizes, and precise placement of all the navigation and content elements on the site relative to one another.

5. Quality Analysis:
After the site is developed it goes through a quality check if all features and functions are working and it's fixed if any issue is found. Finally it goes LIVE
after it gets green signal from the client

1. If you need a new website or want to overhaul the existing one
2. What technologies you want to be implemented in the project
3. Brief description of the project
4. Target audience
5. Other details depending upon the project

I enjoy the challenge; I enjoy the responsibility and I enjoy the methodical and precise approach which is necessary for me to deliver the information the customers rely upon.
Being trusted by my customers gives me great job satisfaction that significantly outweighs the hours, the stress and the hard work.
I love to generate new visitors/clients to work with them
I love that my job challenges me every day in different ways

I had been employed for few years till one day I realised that the only thing I was doing was actually building others' dreams. I had a steady fixed income each month, that's great when you start a career, but I'm a dreamer and a visionary myself and I always knew I was destined for something great. I halted for a second to understand how the world works and it was time for reversing the equation. In the Real World you either be an entrepreneur, or you work for one. On that day I decided to wear multiple of hats till I let the world build my own dream.

Our clients choose us because they want to work with a partner—someone they can trust, with the experience and knowledge to help navigate their way to success. Our goal is to bring you the latest technology and services that are designed for you, offer you choice and meet high expectations

At LaraibzWorld, our World revolves around CUSTOMER BUSINESS

Clients have overwhelmingly told me they chose me over the competition because they felt confident that I knew what I was talking about and how to get things done. Because they were willing to take my advice, I was able to meet their business objectives. I become part of the solution, and I promise to own and deliver the outcome that I sell.

Experience: I have worked with top companies, coaching their marketing strategies and auditing their growth plans with full marketing audits.

I have handled big projects. I can work with anyone, anytime, with easy. My team exhibit a happy, upbeat and positive attitude in all client interactions.

I have brain cells and I'm smart. Really smart. You need someone with courage, you don't need someone that just follows the trend; a real Growth Hacker is someone that can bring opportunities and create momentum… you need ideas, strategies, and results. (I bring the 3 of them)

We offer:
Maximum attention to your project by our highly skilled software developers.
Complete package from product design to application support.
Fast paced execution of the project.
Low development costs Software/system requirement analysis and design.
Software/system requirement specification.
Code generation and testing.
Deployment, training and support.