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Have you done everything possible to ensure the safety of your workplace?
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has now spread globally and has been designated a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Sadly, this virus is highly contagious, and has spread across the UK resulting in many hospitalisations as well as a large number of deaths.

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Have you done everything possible to ensure the safety of your workplace?
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has now spread globally and has been designated a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Sadly, this virus is highly contagious, and has spread across the UK resulting in many hospitalisations as well as a large number of deaths.

Whether your workplace is open now, or you are planning to reopen when the lockdown is relaxed, consideration needs to be given to disinfecting and deep cleaning on a regular basis.

Kevin Locke & Co. has developed a Coronavirus deep cleaning procedure using guidance from the World Health Organisation, Public Health England and the Health & Safety Executive.

Kevin Locke & Co. has the expertise, experience and is to undertake Coronavirus infection prevention and control on your premises. We are now able to offer Fogging and Touch-Point Cleaning, which are the specialist cleaning services required to control Coronavirus. We aim to deal with all virus and bacteria to help fight and protect staff and the public.

At Kevin Locke & Co. we use the latest in hygiene Testing and monitoring systems that not only provides you with peace of mind but also an official certified result to prove you are staying within regulation guidelines.
ATP Hygiene monitoring system -
Data submitted to the AOAC demonstrates the system to have a high level of sensitivity with a limit of detection of 1.28 femtomoles of ATP and high degree of consistency and accuracy.
The EnSURE Touch is a next-generation ATP monitoring system that collects, analyzes and reports data from multiple quality tests such as, water quality, indicator microorganisms, and process indicators (residual enzyme activity). The system provides a multi-functional tool for monitoring quality and safety parameter in food safety, healthcare and other industries.



What is Fogging and where can it be used?
For internal areas, a Fogging machine generates very small airborne droplets of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, which offer excellent biological inactivation and is one of the most environmentally friendly of all the gaseous decontamination processes. Fogging is widely used in Singapore, USA, China and many other countries for large area infection control. Fogging is a proven method rather than a new technology, though its application is relatively new to the UK.

In the Fogging process, the mist of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds immediately disrupts the envelope membrane of the virus, which exposes the nucleocapsid, affecting its ability to infect subsequent cells.

Cold Fogging delivers the following benefits:
Fastest and easiest way of sanitising large areas with minimum disruption.
Ideal for outbreak control measures and for use in all environments including care homes, GP surgeries, offices and schools.
Complete room disinfection to 6-Log validation (99.9999%).
As well as viruses, they also kill bacteria, fungi and mould.
Pre and post chemical test indicators prove if there has been sufficient exposure from the Fogging process.
High penetration with Cold Fog Vaporisation of hard to reach areas.
Non-corrosive, no wiping (which only removes 11% of harmful bacteria Source: British Medical Journal) and no residue.
Suitable for medical and all electronic equipment.
If adequately ventilated, treated areas are safe to occupy within 1 hour.

We use a product called Duo Max in our fogging system.
The secret is in the science.

DuoMax uses unique and ground breaking technology to kill pathogens.
On contact, DuoMax pierces the outer membrane of the pathogen and dismantles and destroys the DNA and RNA which eliminates the risk of pathogens developing resistance to the product. Alcohol only denatures the external membrane protein which does not kill the pathogen but only temporarily disables them, allowing it to regenerate with increased strength.
By removing the protein, DuoMax not only kills the bacteria, but any odour will also be removed.
Log reduction system explained
If there are one million bacteria in a Petri dish, a product which has a 3 log reduction would only kill 999,000 of the bacteria. This leaves 1,000 bacteria. DuoMax has a 6 log reduction against bacteria which means it kills 99.9999% bacteria. So from those initial one million bacteria, DuoMax kills 999,999 bacteria.
99.9% isn’t looking so great now....

To be most effective we highly recommend the Fogging process is combined with Touch-Point Cleaning just prior to Fogging.

What is Touch-Point Cleaning?

Fogging should be carried out in conjunction with what is known as Touch-Point Cleaning.
Touch-Point Cleaning ensures those parts of your workplace which most often come into contact with people are thoroughly and individually cleaned and disinfected.
Frequently touched surfaces within your premises are likely to include the following:
• Desktops & work surfaces
• Doorknobs, door plates & handles
• Light switches
• Computer keyboards & mouse
• Telephone equipment
• Chairs
• Canteen furniture
• Sinks in kitchens
• Toilets: taps, flushers & dispensers
• Water fountains
• Vending machines
• Tablets & digital devices
• Lifts & escalators
• Handrails
The areas highlighted above should be cleaned at least daily by a professional cleaning company, and if operating shifts, in-between each shift.

How Ozone Generators Work -
Ozone generators work by: Silent corona discharge: These machines use electric discharge to produce ozone by splitting the normal oxygen molecules in the air into single atoms. These atoms then attach to other O2 molecules in the air to form ozone (O3)

What Ozone (o3) Does -
Ozone works as a natural cleaner. When it comes into contact with an odour (a volatile organic compound) a chemical reaction takes place and the odour oxidises into a harmless, non-odourous substance. It is not a masking process – the smells are permanently removed. Ozone also works as a natural sanitising agent.
Ozone has been successfully used against viruses in recent times. In 2003, ozone was successfully used to combat coronavirus; SARS-Cov-1. This also belongs to the same family of viruses as COVID-19. This alone is reason to believe that using ozone against COVID-19 would be effective.

What is Corona Virus -
Coronaviruses are classified as “enveloped viruses”, which are typically more susceptible to “Physico-chemical challenges”. In other words, they don’t like being exposed to ozone.
Ozone destroys this type of virus by breaking through the outer shell into the core, resulting in damage to the viral RNA. Ozone can also damage the outer shell of the virus in a process called oxidation.
Put simply, exposing Coronaviruses to sufficient ozone dose (ppm x time) can result in them being 99% damaged or destroyed.

What Fogging is used for -

Fogging Machines can be used for cleaning and sanitising, something which has become a massive requirement as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020.
By using an appropriate formula, fogging can kill a wide range of pathogenic viruses in under 5 minutes, leaving surfaces clean and safe for human contact, and is safe to use in hospital and medical environments and food preparation areas.

How Ozone controls infections -
Ozone is a powerful, broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent that has been found to be effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa, and bacterial and fungal spores. The anti-microbial activity of ozone is based on its strong oxidizing effect, which causes damage to the fatty acids in the cell membrane.
A big problem in controlling infections is that some strains of bacteria can actually build up a resistance to certain chemical disinfectants. Ozone, on the other hand, kills bacteria within a few seconds by a process known as cell lysing. Ozone molecularly ruptures the cellular membrane, disperses the cell’s cytoplasm and makes reactivation impossible. Because of this, microorganisms cannot develop ozone resistant strains, thus eliminating the need to change biocides periodically.
Because of application advantages such as this, the Ozone technology fits in well with other disinfectants in a combined strategy to prevent infections.

1. What do we do?
We specialise in sanitisation and odour removal as well as other deep cleaning services.

2. What problem do we solve?
We provide a cost effective way of helping to sanitise your (property/Hotel/office/ Business etc.)
By using methods that will save you time and money.

3. How is our product and service different?
We use methods such as Ozone (o3) and foggers (also known as misting) which is a natural sanitising agent. This same method is also used to remove highly unpleasant odours.

4. Why should we care?
We care because during these unprecedented times with Covid-19 being an enormous risk, we are now more alert and prepared than ever before with a service that will help protect the health, lives, homes and businesses we service.
We are a service that cares more about how we move forward not just with Covid-19 but we are also a business protecting for the future and any other potential virus/pathogen that we may encounter moving forward.
We can give you peace of mind that you can continue to live as close to normal, a daily life that is cost effective and keeping the carbon footprint low.

If you are interested we can visit for a free survey and offer you a free quote.
Our new website is currently under construction but we can offer you our telephone number, e-mail or look us up on Facebook.
Contact details – Kevin on 07498567438
Brett on 07498700333
E-mail – kevinlocke.eco@gmail.com