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Entering into a Transformational Life Coaching journey with me helps you to find clarity and a more refined awareness of yourself. It helps you discover how to make permanent shifts by exploring your inner barriers and learn how to transform them.

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28 June 2021

Katinka is a very proffessional, non-judgemental life coach who really opens you up to yourself. She has given me the tools to go from an often stuck and disconnected person to someone that can go inwards and begin to discover answers to my problems. I also now know how to channel my inner strength which is not something I knew how to do before I began working with her. I would really recommend Katinka for anyone who feels they may be stuck in a rut or feels they have untapped potential they want to be able to access. She has really helped me begin my life's work and I am excited about what lies ahead. More...

27 March 2021

My coaching with Katinka was really helpful in making me see how codependent I was with my partner and where that came from. It also helped me to see how changing my frame of mind in a few areas was super helpful for our future. Thank you so much Katinka. More...

27 March 2021

If I had to sum up my sessions with Katinka in one sentence it would be... an eye-opening and life-changing experience! It would have taken me years to get to the root of the issues I've been facing, but with Katinka's help, I was able to understand it clearly and straightaway. Sometimes it feels scary deep-diving into why I lack confidence or why I don't feel good enough. With Katinka guiding me along the way I felt safe and comfortable. She felt like a life-long friend I could trust and rely on. She has something about her that feels, dare I say... magical! Her practical tips are astounding, it almost became a hobby to do personal development! I just can't wait to see what the future holds. Thank you Katinka for unleashing the greatness I didn't know I had. More...

26 March 2021

I could thank Katinka infinite times and it still wouldn't quite cover my gratitude for the work she has done with me! She has a real gift for what she does, a true natural, who brought magic to each session. Katinka helped a great deal with my focus and goals and the steady progression I made was so satisfying, wonderful and empowering. I still continue to use tools and meditations learned from our work together , and have various notes and reminders stuck on my wall that help me every day and that I know will push me forwards towards my hopes and dreams. With Katinka's support I can see that I am able to meet my true potential and show up as my best self in this life. I cannot recommend Katinka highly enough. She is amazing! More...

26 March 2021

Katinka is a brilliant coach and i've already been recommending her to some of my peers who now also want a life coach due to the transformation they have seen in me! I felt like I needed coaching because although I felt relatively happy in my life, I felt that there was something missing. From working with Katinka, she helped me realise quite quickly that I lacked connection to my deeper self as I was giving to everyone else around me and forgetting myself in the process. The way she supported me in understanding this and helped me to make real changes was with her very unique and wonderful style of coaching that embodies the mind, body and soul. I am so much more confident now, I am a better mum, I feel much more spiritually connected and I feel ready to take on the next chapter in my life! Thank you Katinka! More...

26 March 2021

My online sessions with Katinka have been a game-changer! They've given me a solid foundation to build on my relationships, business and everyday life. At a time of uncertainty and upheaval, they have grounded me and given me focus and purpose. I can't thank Katinka enough for this. She's amazing at what she does! More...

26 March 2021

Katinka is an extraordinary coach! She is compassionate, empathetic, resourceful, supportive and very trustworthy. After just a couple of sessions, I learned so much about myself and the steps I needed to take to move past my inner barriers. Barriers that kept me from being open and available for a loving and balanced relationship. I went from seeing vulnerability as a weakness to understanding that in order to be loved, my walls needed to come down. Thanks to Katinka, I am experiencing a transformation not only in my relationships but in all areas of my life. I can’t thank her enough! More...

25 March 2021

Katinka is phenomenal! She has such a calm presents about her and makes you feel incredibly heard and seen. She made my coaching process with her not only enjoyable but also deeply life changing. I was really struggling with my confidence after breaking up with my long term partner and we worked through so many different things that I didn’t even know we’re impacting me. I came out of the coaching journey a transformed woman. I felt ready for love again and I felt empowered and confident within myself! More...


I love being privileged enough to be trusted by my clients to be invited to journey with them in often a very intimate part of their self-discovery process. I absolutely love what I do and being able to meet so many differnt people from all walks of life.

It was when I decided to hire a coach for myself that I realised I needed to do this myself. It was one of the most life changing experiences I've embarked on and I wanted to give the space to others to experience something similar.

I have a vast amount of therapeutic experience having worked with many different people in many different ways and environments. My job is my dream job which makes me put my heart and soul into it!

I provide services via Zoom, Skype or telephone. I ussually suggest using zoom but I'm happy to be flexible with whatever platform my clients would like.
It's up to you!


How content are you with the way your life is going?
Do you want to move into a place where you can find more possibilities in your life?
Are you looking to feel more fulfilled?
If you are feeling stuck, unclear or unhappy in an area of your life, why not choose to come on a coaching jounrey with me? You might be struggling in the areas of self-worth, purpose, love relationships or clarity to name a few and I am here to help you with that!

I will work with you to help you step into the part of you that has potential and move past the challenges you're facing in your life. I will support you in stepping into a more soul enriched and purposeful life. I do this by listening intentently, helping you see things in new ways and guiding you to places of yourself that you didn't know existed.