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I am a very caring dog groomer who has only the best interests in your animal. I only groom 1 or 2 dogs a day as I feel this is in the best interest of the dog.

My sevices are:-
Washing, drying, brushing, cutting, nails, ear cleaning.
Also have a service wash, dry and brush

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Dog grooming is a great job. Though it is hard work and on your feet all day, I absolutely love dogs.

I take great pride in making sure that your dog has a stress free experience when coming to me. I do not force groom, meaning being a 1-1 groomer I have lots of time to not rush things.

I follow the Animal Welfare Act 2006, making your dog is kept safe secure and not harmed in anyway.

I provide a high level, caring service, no muzzles or hanging cradles.....Why? because we do not need to.

If you have any questions, please give me a call.

Dog regards

I work in Property management and can be a very stressful job. I bought my Miniature Schauzer 6 years ago which led me to the love of dogs. I decided then to train with the City and Guilds as feel that a qualification is very important as dog grooming is not just getting a pair of scissors out. There are many aspects you have to learn that really opened my eyes up to what dog grooming is about and not just a cuddle with a dog. Hence, this is me today.

City and Guilds Training.
I follow the Animal Welfare Act 2006. Whilst in our care it is our responsibility for your pets needs to be met

I do not use muzzles or cradles
I do not use crates unless the dog wants to go in to them as they do need a space away if stressed.
I do not use hot drying cabinets
I do not run a conveyor belt system. Only a one to one system, meaning your dog is looked after.
I do not leave your dog unattended.
I can trim to breed standard if required
Your dog is in safe hands and looked after like my own