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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


JPSE Media has one aim, to help businesses large or small get the very best websites, online marketing, specialist advice, guidance and consultancy.
JPSE Media Limited is hugely experienced in marketing web sites and because we keep up to date with new internet marketing and advertising methods we can provide an ongoing support for our clients.

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6 customer reviews

27 December 2016

Only the best website design and marketing company in Wigan

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27 May 2016

I spent 5 years with a mate doing my website, which was cheap, but a major problem was it never being udated, anything I wanted changing took and age and my mate didn'y know anyting about SEO. I took the decision to move to JPSE on a recommendation from two mutual friends and a client of mine, after three people saying the same thigs I took the plunge.It was the best move ever, I now have great traffic coming into the site from all over everywhere, not just Google (though this is the main one). JPSE Media look outside thebox and definitely give a lot more than their invoice states. More...

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28 May 2013

JPSE Media took over the hosting, running and marketing of the Wigan Athletic Supporters Club web site and made an immediate impression. We should have been on the first page of Google and the other search engines for terms like 'Wigan Athletic Supporters' and 'Wigan Athletic Away Travel', but we weren't. This was highly frustrating for our members trying to find us.Now we have a blog style web site that is easily updatable by all the committee members, we don't have to make phone calls to get things changed on site any more.Jason has also set up and templated and email system so we can send thousands of emails in one go, to keep our membership and subscribers up to date with the latest goings on.The back up and support we have now is amazing, we have since recommended JPSE Media to a few businesses and know that they are achieving more enquiries, as we are getting loads more traffic through the site.Originally we were only going to have them do the online internet marketing, but we are glad now that we went to them for the web site as well, they really know how to put together what we wanted, rather than what was easier for them to do.All in all we are very happy with JPSE Media Limited and would be more than happy to recommend them to any association, club, business or charity as we know they will do you proud. More...

Reviewed on Google Maps

28 May 2012

JPSE Media are a very professional outfit. They explain what they do in laymans terms and keep you involved through the whole process. We chose to take their monthly update option which pays dividends as we couldn't spare the man hours for the same price. They really have made a difference and we would recoommend them to all businesses wanting to get the bext off the internet at a VERY reasonable price, not one of these cjancer SEO companies that try it on over the phone at £500 a go and £180 a month.... we were stung by these once and we are glad we put this down as a bad experience and gave JPSE a chance. More...

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28 May 2012

Technophobia isn't an issue with this company, they did the work I am now getting the results.I was black listed by Google for some reason, but now I feature in all the right places, don't know how they do it, don't really care. Thanks and will recommend to all my business mates. More...

Reviewed on Google Maps

28 May 2012

When yet another company comes on the phone saying they can get my company seenhigher up the search engines, I was tempted to hang up. But i am glad I didn't as not only did you get me up on Google, I am now getting enquiries from places on the net I didn't know existed. Online internet marketing, call it what you want, it is certainly the best money I have spent this year. More...

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JPSE Media listen to their clients, especially at the first build stage we want to deliver a website that projects the perfect image of their company. We want the website to look good, but just as importantly for us we build in SEO so you don't have to find a second company to get your website found on the internet and of course the search engines.

We want to part of (or be) your marketing team. So we want to find out where you are now with your business and where you want to be, JPSE Media then creates a plan to take you there.

Watching the growth in the businesses we deal with, we have seen businesses go from having no response to their website to a turnover of over £1 million. We have had companies go from being a one man band in van, to employing 200 people and reaching the top of their industry. JPSE Media loves it when their clients succeed.

I was working for a company that had a very narrow minded concept of how to deal with clients, not very good customer service and ultimately no vision to look at how important back then SEO and social media were going to be. I set up originally to prove a point to the company I worked at, but that still didn't sway them, so I did a lot of soul searching and decided eventually to go on my own.

We have been where you are, a start up growing to a surviving business and on to being a secure business. We have clients that use us for personal blogs, others are start up businesses and quite a few a top level blue chip companies that are at the forefront of their industries. We treat everyone like they are the latter, but at a price to suit all budgets.


JPSE Media have always built top websites with only the best Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), we don’t believe in building websites that cannot be found.
If you don’t have a web site and would like to weigh up the options available, JPSE Media can develop a quality website to showcase your business. We develop websites that grow as the business grows, all our designs are tailored to your company and all are Search Engine friendly.

JPSE Media Limited cover most aspects of advertising and Marketing on the internet, please take a look at the areas where we will improve the online status for your business:
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
Content writing
Social Media advertising
PPC (Pay per Click)
Directory submissions