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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020



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My name is Jo Shrimpton and I'm an Accredited and highly experienced Career/Life Coach, Business Consultant and Mentor as well as a qualified and practicing therapist .

Over the last 6+ years I have helped 100's of men and women of varying ages to find greater happiness and to achieve what is important to them - both personally and professionally.

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4 February 2021

I highly recommend Jo Shimpton Coaching for the remarkable and profound impact her coaching skills have had in all areas of my life.
Jo has a gifted capacity to see another person with clear insight and she saw me for who I am and where I was in the stage of my life knowing exactly what was needed for me to move forward towards the positive outcomes I truly desired.
Her guidance and practice are not only powerful but compassionate, gentle and with empathy...taking me through the steps I needed to take, in order for me to successfully empower myself in a healthy and self-loving way. '
So much of my self-consciousness, low self-esteem and fear of the world has subsided.
I feel much more capable and confident.
Jo has amazing integrity. I felt very safe and seen in her presence and she's conscious and trustworthy. I feel optimistic and alive about my journey ahead having had this incredibly valuable and nurturing time with Jo.

4 February 2021

Working with Jo gave me great confidence to pursue my dreams. Through her guidance I found my determination and passion again to thrive and to achieve. I am forever grateful for her support. More...

4 February 2021

Jo is brilliant, friendly and easy to open up to! It’s been great working with Jo. I would recommend her to everyone.

4 February 2021

Jo has successfully supported me to deal with changes, I have had to navigate in recent months Her advice and guidance have allowed me to manage my fears and feel more confident to move forward, she has been a great mentor for me, listening and supporting me to make changes. Thanks, Jo

10 March 2020

There is so much to say about Jo, but I want to keep it short and sweet.

Jo is an amazing listener and I always loved working with her.

Thanks to her, I have achieved a lot in my new role already and will in the future for sure, by using the methods and effective tools provided by her.

The sessions helped me a lot to go through life with ease as well as to be confident, successful and stress free in my career.

I am glad that I chose Jo, as she was very supportive, empathetic and went the extra mile to help me grow in life.

I highly recommend her coaching sessions, it is definitely worth it.

10 March 2020

I loved working with Jo, in few sessions she managed to help me with a variety of challenges. I run a pretty busy life, with a career, a brand new small business and lots of ideas and personal things I want to work on. Jo helped me gaining clarity and understand priorities. My communication at work and with loved ones have improved drastically, I feel lighter and more compassionate toward myself, I know now I can trust my instinct and I have more faith in what life can bring me. Jo is an amazing listener I felt very comfortable in talking to her and she has such a wide background and experience that she can literally help with anything is stopping you from being happier and healthier. More...

6 November 2019

Jo helped me to find a new job by establishing my core values and helping me find a career that would allow me to embrace them and work alongside each other. She was consistent in reminding me to be accountable for my diary and day to day which was invaluable. Jo is an honest and forthcoming coach with a host of experience. Jo taught me lessons in how to deal with stress, be more patient and to negotiate honestly and fairly. She is truly a fantastic mentor and coach and would highly recommend if ur struggling to find purpose. #GOJO More...

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21 October 2019

Jo was very helpful in assisting me to clarify my goals and put in strategies for managing stress in the meantime. Thank you for being very supportive!

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1 July 2019

I decided to work with Jo just after I’d retired and am so thankful I did. My wife and I were going through a difficult time and I had started to feel a bit lost and was unsure how to deal with that or what to do with my life moving forward. Jo was a life changer; she helped me understand what was happening and helped steer me up to less choppy waters; she helped me discover new interests and friends as well as understand myself better, improve my marriage, increase my happiness and find a new purpose. Today my wife and I are planning some new travel adventures and considering a life abroad. I couldn’t be happier. More...

1 July 2019

Coaching & Mentoring with Jo has been amazing. Working with her reassured me that, each week, I was closer to solving issues and moving forward in my business and family life.
I now work smarter and am happier in both. I also remember her kindness when I was bereaved, her interest in my overall well-being was truly genuine and so very lovely. I recommend Jo very highly and am hoping that she will always have time to find a slot in the future to see me.

1 July 2019

As someone whose life is often of public interest, confidentiality to me is essential; consequently, having someone like Jo, who is 100% trustworthy, impartial, warm and unique to communicate with rework and personal matters is priceless.

1 July 2019

Jo’s a natural coach and mentor; personally, I think she was born to do this. She’s a beautiful soul with wisdom, consciousness, understanding and deep experience of life that makes you feel strongly understood, held and heard. She’s extremely easy to talk to and very authentic; quickly unravelling issues in your thinking and energy and enabling you to see barriers within you that you haven’t noticed before. Jo’s enabled me to make important changes in my thinking and actions as well as access more joy and success in my life, business and in the charity work I do with others. On a day to day coaching level – Jo’s deeply reliable, warm and motivating. She’s achieved and manifested some amazing dreams and goals in her life and now seems to just love helping others grow and do the same! I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. More...

1 July 2019

Working with Jo has enabled me to refocus on an important area of my work which I didn’t feel that I had time for, even though I knew I should be focusing on it. I have made so much progress with this particular business, including repackaging products, rewriting the website, setting financial targets, agreeing on terms and responsibilities with my business partner, driving new business and getting new clients. It is amazing how powerful coaching/mentoring is! Thanks, Jo! More...

1 July 2019

Jo is an absolute delight; warm, engaging and light-hearted. As a coach, Jo has the most extraordinary ability and insight to gently peel back the layers and truly get to the root of whatever may be causing you to feel stuck or out of your natural flow. I cannot recommend Jo highly enough and with her wealth of experience and natural caring touch you will be in very good and safe hands. More...

1 July 2019

I highly recommend coaching with Jo; she will help you move forward with kindness and integrity whilst using the strength of her intellect and wisdom. Her extensive background in business, combined with her experience of wellbeing, yoga, energy and consciousness means you truly get the best of both worlds in coaching and mentoring – and integrated experience. Sessions allow you to fully address issues yet leave you feeling secure, relaxed, positive and confident. Jo can help you create and build a happy, balanced life and future both practically and spiritually. More...

13 May 2019

I've known Jo for a few years now and am in awe of her skill as a coach. It doesn't seem to matter what issue you're facing or how you're feeling, Jo can help. She coaches in an empathic way, taking the time to really understand her clients, and she works hard on uncovering what approach is best for them. Every session is tailored to the individual needs of her clients and the amount of support you get from Jo is impressive. In my own coaching with Jo, she helped me uncover the blocks that were preventing me from moving on with my business, and gave me simple exercises and techniques to help me work through these. Without a doubt, Jo is a knowledgable, experienced coach and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to anyone who needs help with any aspect of their life or business. More...

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6 May 2019

Clarity, insight and empathy with wisdom and experience means Jo offers fresh perspective on old issues. Like clear water in a muddy brook. Combining the metaphysical with the practical and the spiritual with the every day, a tenacity for the psychology of the heart and mind at work in life's tricky situations enables Jo to identify core issues and bring in her simple, effective remedial approach. It's such a gift to help someone take ownership of their issues and provide the necessary tools to take away with them. Very effective. More...

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6 May 2019

Clarity, insight and empathy with wisdom and experience means Jo offers her fresh perspective on old issues. Like clear water in a muddy brook. Combining the metaphysical with the practical and the spiritual with the every day, a tenacity for the psychology of the heart and mind at work in life's tricky situations enables Jo to identify core issues and bring in her simple, effective remedial approach. It's such a gift to help someone take ownership of their issues and provide the necessary tools to take away with them. Very effective. More...

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27 April 2019

I really enjoyed working with Jo and my experience of life and business coaching with her was very positive. Jo spent a lot of time with my partner and I initially - uncovering what we were looking for in coaching, where we currently were with our business, where we felt stuck and what we felt we needed. She then coached, mentored and guided my partner and I through the process of (re)branding our business in an impressive way; asking vital questions, gathering information and connecting dots we didn't see. That process enabled us to really find the core of what we believed in and to truly find our brand. Jo then coached and mentored us in how to drive the business forward more effectively through our sales, marketing and other efforts. Jo’s coaching in my experience is unique. She combines her business skills with her life coaching skills and not only mentors you in business but also helps you see and overcome any fears and blockages that you might have in starting and operating your business. She is deeply encouraging and you always leave her sessions feeling empowered. I’d highly recommend her as a Life / Business Coach. More...

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27 April 2019

Jo Shrimpton has an innate ability to connect and identify with people she has excellent listening skills which can immediately give you a deep sense of support and guidance. Through her expertise in coaching, you are able to gain greater clarity in decision making and plan a constructive course of action to move forward in your life. The coaching has given me a sense of self achievement and success, which has enabled me to become self empowered. More...

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27 May 2018

My kids had just left home and I wanted to kick start my life, increase my confidence and find a new purpose. Jo has been utterly fantastic in guiding and supporting me with practical and emotional support from discovering my strengths and helping me reveal what really makes me happy and setting goals to achieve those things. I have been truly amazed with the progress I have made and I would highly recommend working with Jo if you are looking to change and grow. More...

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27 May 2018

Jo Shrimpton is amazing! Having worked with her over the last year, she has helped me reorganise my thoughts and my efficiency in my business and personal life. Additionally her coaching & mentoring she has brought great clarity and happiness to my life and increased my business profitability. She's been the support I needed and I highly recommend working with her. More...

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27 May 2018

Jo is an incredible life coach and mentor and has been a driving force in my life.Working with Jo has enabled me to shift my perspective in many areas of my personal and working life and helped me to work more towards my dreams and goals, in alignment with the lifestyle I desire. As a result of this, I am much more content and re-connected to myself, as well as to my core values. I feel that I have achieved tremendous amounts of personal growth with Jo and highly and wholeheartedly recommend working with her. Her time and expertise are priceless and definitely worth the investment. More...

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What do I love most about my work?

Being present for my clients; enabling and supporting them in moving forward. Bringing real measurable value to their lives and witnessing their growth and joy when they achieve their dreams and goals or simply wake up happier every day and are living their lives more fully because of the work we've done together.

Enabling them to let go of stress, achieve more success, more happiness, more wealth, increased self belief and ultimately the life /business they dream of.

Also supporting and championing my clients all the way!

Starting my own Coaching & Mentoring business was always, for me, a combination of giving back deeply to others and achieving my own personal and professional dreams. I wanted to create a life I loved and also have fulfilling work that empowered others and I truly enjoyed.

And - by 45 I'd acquired the depth of personally and professionally experience and qualifications I felt was needed to be of strong value to others in their growth and in moving forward in their businesses, their careers and their personal lives.

I’m now 51 ..

I listen deeply and invest strongly in my clients happiness and success.

All my clients benefit immensly from the work we do together. They achieve the results that are important to them, grow quickly and always develop deeper happiness.

I'm a fully Accredited(IAPC&M), Experienced & Highly Effective Life / Business / Coach and Mentor.

With 25+years solid UK & International Business Success Experience (Strategy, Sales, Marketing); Corporate & Small Business) .

I'm trained/experienced in Psychology, Hypnotherapy & Counselling and utilise this alongside coaching expertise to help my clients shift quickly, and overcome any deeper blocks that may have help them back previously from happier lives.

My clients gain access to a library of powerful subliminal recordings that enable them to get the results they want and need more quickly and effectively than through purely traditional coaching methods.

I also have over 20+ years experience in yoga and meditation to assist my clients in reducing stress and anxiety ; also to support the growth of their self-awareness, spirituality and ability to manifest.

I practice what I preach; living a happy successful life that I love and understand success, happiness and the blocks to it. I also have many years of experience in deeply challenging life & work situations to draw on in understanding my clients more deeply.

I offer a free no-obligation initial coaching consultation via bark or www. joshrimptoncoaching.com
And a reduced rate (10%) or extra session for Bark customers.

Yes. I've been working remotely for 6 years over Zoom video (or What's App if preferred).

My work is all remote and over Zoom Video or What'sApp if preferred.

Clients suffering from stress or anxiety are supported with coaching, therapy, deep relaxation and anxiety reducing recordings and other resources.


Identifying personal life direction & purpose.
Personal growth.
Creating deeper and more rewarding relationships with others and yourself.
Reducing stress & anxiety.
Handling & overcoming loss & grief
Conquering fear or rejection and living your best life.
Eliminating negative beliefs.
Creating positive thoughts, beliefs, habits and ways of responding & living that serve you.
Personal success and abundance.
Relationship success and Love.
Increasing Happiness, Confidence & Self-Esteem
Your physical health & wellbeing.
Heightening self-awareness.
Career change, career growth & success.
Improving self-organisation & effectiveness.
Self-motivation & operating at peak potential.

Small/Medium sized business strategy, marketing, sales and business success

Choosing / Establishing a career thats right for you.
Career change
Marketing yourself, acquiring & handling interviews.
Handling rejection and creating success.
Building your career & career success.
Communication and relationships at work.
Further Leadership skills at work / within your business .

Raising your consciousness and self awareness.
Accessing inner peace & happiness.
Yoga and meditation.
Understanding and raising your spiritual energy.
Thoughts, beliefs, emotions & energy …understanding and mastering them.

Business Strategy. Marketing research. Sales & marketing strategy, planning & implementation. Business coaching & mentoring. Sales and Marketing Coaching & mentoring. Financial management. Communication and negotiation. .
Leadership. Project management and planning.Delegation and time management.Problemsolving.Networking.
Customer service.