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Wolverhampton, West Midlands

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JH Designs // Branding • Strategy • Logos Hoping to enable organisations, charities and businesses level-up their brand, Jack is willing to go the extra mile and places high importance on building relationship with the people and organisations that he works alongside.


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Fresh content, ease of use, and clear directives on ways for customers to engage with your material. It is important to have your services front and centre, making it easier for people to get in touch or engage on your website.

Efficiency in communication is key. Having a website where customers can engage at a glance or in a single click is important for a successful website.

Content is king. Making sure you have a regularly updated online presence can draw people in and aid engagement, so developing a strategy in the long term will help your website be successful.

What is your vision or mission? Understanding the long term aims will help shape a final product. I value getting to the heart of each organisation or individual to understand what they see as important for branding or representation of their business.

I usually like to treat each project individually, taking time to chat about the needs and wants. Practically I will also ask for any exisiting branding information and images that they would like to use in the project.

Flyers, posters and business cards are where I start, but I also have experience in banners, flags and clothing.

My first step, after talking to the client in depth, is to start with a blank canvass. I write and draw by hand any information and ideas as they come to me, developing from there.

Secondly, I will digitalise some of the creative ideas, trailing their viablility. As I do this I may start to do market research on similar products or organisations, making sure that I can produce something that is unique and engaging.

Thirdly, I think that all creative process is best done in community, and will take some of my designs to friends and colleauges that I trust. This step helps me hone an idea and begin continue to develop it into something that is valuable to each client.

I would then continue to develop the idea in communication with the client, enabling them to shape the final product in a way that suits their own creativity.

When I hit a block I will take a step back, go for a walk or run, listen to some music, cook or do another leisure activity to make sure I am always at my best when I sit down to create.

Depending on how far the client is with developing the project, I will ask for vision, aims and for any other branding information that they might have. In conversation I may ask for examples of designs or products that they admire so I can get more of a flavour for what they are looking for.

I'm passionate about creating things for people that helps them express and communicate effectively their values, mission or vision.

My passion for creating things for people that helps them express and communicate effectively their values, mission or vision.

Becuase I will provide excellent customer service, placing the highest priority on relational business that meets my clients targets and produces professional results.


Keeping your brand up to date & flexible enables you to enhance your reach and effectiveness. Effective brand development will streamline an existing brand or create a new brand that communicates the heart of your organisation.

Developing and delivering an effective website is important for every organisation. Prototyping with Adobe XD and including you, the client, in the development process enables you to shape the end product of your site.

Creating new logos for your brand in a range of styles and forms. Developing your already made logo or creating a design from scratch is always done in conversation with you, the client, to enable you to shape the end product.

A lot of marketing and business is still done through print media and flyers; we should not understate the importance of print media today. Community events or noticeboards can be enhanced with clear, colourful posters and flyers that can really model your brand.

The primary form of communication for most organisations, whether that is on social channels like Youtube and Instagram, or if it is a through e-campaigns. Developing a strategy for this enables you to be forward thinking and flexible in content creation and engagement response.

Communicating your resources, products, and bulletins is an important way for you to communicate with your clients. A properly formatted document template enables you to create clear, easy to read documents for your organisation, team, staff and clients.