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Long Wittenham

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JFKleen uses the power of Micro-Splitting products to bring your carpets back to life again. These products leave your carpets detergent free and 100% safe for children, pets and allergy sufferers.

800 PSI AIRFLEX STORM = product of the highest quality
Drying times minimal

9 min response time


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Recently started as on august 2021 after plenty of prep work beforehand.

Absolutely, JFKleen use eco friendly products and we will always clear up after ourselves. Minimum fuss for our clients.

Seeing the difference! Sometimes it still blows me away!

Self sustaining, job satisfaction, not filling pockets of already big organisations. Making more of a difference and being able to do it my way.

Friendly and reliable, will always clean to my best ability, easy bookings, flexability.


Book a Carpet Kleen today to fall in love with your carpet all over again.

Micro-splitting products leave your carpets detergent free and super safe for little ones, pets, and for allergy sufferers.

High performance stain treatments can tackle the most stubborn of stains.

Steam extraction leaves your carpets sanitized and rapidly reduces drying times.

We make homes clean and safe to a high standard, just in time for new occupants.