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Prestbury, Cheshire


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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


I offer a unique opportunity for runners and anyone serious about fitness, to experience an integrated approach to training.

I use all my experience and qualifications to be able to structure a training regime which can take someone from being injured to competing again.

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29 September 2018

I trained with Jasyn in London for a few years and thoroughly enjoyed every session. Before meeting Jasyn I did a lot of running but had never done any strength and conditioning work. Within 2 months of training with Jasyn I was stronger and fitter and had cut ten minutes of my half marathon time aswell as starting to compete in shorter distances on the track, e.g 3km and 5km (prior to working with Jasyn I was not getting any faster but just running the same pace each time). Jasyn was brilliant at being able to read what my body needed and where my weaknesses were and spent many hours planning each session to suit these needs. I now live back in New Zealand but miss our training sessions. Jasyn has provided me with a good knowledge base to plan my own sessions, how to train to be injury free and when to recognise the need to rest. Thanks Jasyn for all the hard work you put into our sessions over the years, your knowledge and commitment was incredible! I would highly recommend Jasyn to anyone looking for a trainer who invests so much time in seeing regular improvements in his clients and is an expert at understanding the body and spotting weaknesses. More...

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25 July 2018

Mr Savage has trained me in several health, fitness and well being disciplines over many years. The latest of which was his newly acquired massage expertise. I had the pleasure of being treated on several occasions and he improved on each occasion. I have several medical issues, with my back, skin, sports injury, etc and he was able to cater to them all. His combination of expertise and experience makes for a full mind, body and soul work-out and always follow up with subsequent relaxing methodologies. I have recommended him to several of my closest friends and family and you will no doubt hear from them, here, soon. He keeps getting better at his various trades, we have become good friends over time and is very much a balance of new techniques (bespoke for you) and a bit of a social catch up. Ill continue to review with each new session and Im also a keen supporter of his Instagram and Im trying to copy his healthy and delicious diet dishes. Treat yourself folks, there is nobody more passionate about their work, as Jasyn is. Work is his play and his play is his work!
Regards and all the best JSRC&SMT!

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25 July 2018

Jasyn gave massages to me and my flat mates over the course of an afternoon. We all have different needs and body types which he met with consummate ease and professionalism. He is knowledgeable on all aspects of massage, injuries and nutrition. We were in great hands! He comes with three five star recommendations from us. More...

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27 May 2018

I trained with Jasyn for a number of years. Prior to training with him i was regularly picking up hamstring injuries. Once i began to train with him i ran injury free and was able to compete in track and field (mainly sprinting) as well as longer endurance events. I learnt a lot from Jasyn and thoroughly enjoyed being coached by him. More...

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27 May 2018

Jasyn is a great trainer. Really knowledgeable and takes a lot of care to understand the unique histories, physical make-up and aspirations of his clients. He helped me particularly with my running technique and with staying injury-free. Lucky Wilmslow! More...

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At Jasyn Savage , I understand that everyone is different and everyone has different lifestyles, ambitions and limitations. I generally group clients into 3 categories, each one requiring a different coaching strategy:

Client #1: Low compliance.
Struggles to follow the program.

Client #2: High compliance, low results.
Follows the program, gets below-expected results.

Client #3: High compliance, high results.
Follows the program, gets above-expected results.

Each of these types has specific needs and the ability to make dramatic change. When my clients are honest with me only then can results follow.

If you are want to get the body of your dreams, Preparation is going to be key.

Setting goals using the S>M>A>R>T method and undergoing a physical assessment, assessing strengths and weaknesses has to be implemented otherwise the motivation can't be provided, as one forgets their starting point. One needs to be able to track the journey.

There is no magic wand and everything is important!

When my clients are happy and trust me then I am really in my element, because only then can results follow. When the results happen then this is the icing on the cake. I love seeing how clients transform their bodies and change in attitude when they feel so much more confident and in control.

I was inspired to start my own business by a combination of factors:

1) I used to work for a big gym chain that focused purely on sales and numbers. I did not believe in this mentality and knew I could offer something more bespoke.

2) There where occassions when I struggled with my own training and finding professionals that could communicate with each other was always the hard part in the process. My coach would in most case undo the good work that my physio did, or my physio would want me to rest when it was not possible, because of a big competition coming up.

I thought, why not come up with a complimentary service all under one roof, where the right hand knows what the left hand is doing.

There are a few more reasons but they too tricky to explain in writing.

Clients should choose me because of my honesty, experience in the fitness industry and my qualifications. I am always taking part in CPD courses to improve my knowlodge and that I can use from time to time provide some variety in my clients programmes.

I don't have any bias towards any sport as I have tried most sports and have, in most cases,excelled at them. So, I know exactly what it takes.