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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


I am a qualified Strategic Intervention coach from the Robbins-Madanes Training Institute.

In addition, I am a Personal Trainer, and has over 7 years combined knowledge of fitness and mindset to help you overcome life's problems and bad habits, that can be put down to meeting your 6 human needs in either a positive or negative way.


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11 October 2020

I have been a gym user off and on for about 15 years, sometimes more off than on. Then about 18 months to 2 years ago I joined energie fitness. I got my fitness up and then met John. It was the first time I have ever had PT sessions and can only wish I had signed up sooner. In just a few sessions I learnt a whole heap of different exercises to increase my fitness further, it boosted my self confidence and helped me feel healthier and stronger. John has always been supportive, helping me manage my self consciousness, improve my technique and believe in myself. He pushed me when I needed it to leave my comfort zone but never beyond my limits. I always felt that he listened to me and built sessions around the areas I wanted and needed to strengthen, culminating in a 35 second 5km run personal best! I can honestly say that whilst John was my PT, it was the healthiest and fittest I have ever been. Thank you John. More...

16 September 2020

John is one of the most genuine, hardworking and passionate life coach and personal trainer you will meet.

He is committed to helping you achieve your goals and always goes the extra mile in helping you to achieve them.

I am so lucky to have him as a life coach and as a personal trainer. Thanks to his sessions I have made massive progress in my fitness goals and I am empowered in all the other areas of my life.

I honestly couldn't recommend him enough.

16 September 2020

John's life coaching sessions has helped me to have more clarity in terms of how I was meeting some of my basic needs in a negative way and to understand how I have been sabotaging myself lately when pursuing some of my goals.

All this covid19 situation has impacted how much exercise I can do weekly and the frequency I get to visit my family and friends, I had been feeling a bit low in mood lately and realizing I was starting to have some negative thoughts and beliefs about myself, that daily where showing up as obstacles.

John helped me to realize all of that and revealed to me some strategies to break the negative patterns of thought and behaviour and armed me with others to empower myself to take action and be happier.

The intention statements strategy have had amazing results for me; it has made me feel super motivated to take action towards my goals and be the best version of myself.

John is an excellent life coach and every session I had has been a powerful life changing gift.

14 September 2020

I have been training with John for over a year now and there no words to describe how amazing and confident he makes me feel when we train together he has so much knowledge behind the exercise and always a phone call away.

13 September 2020

John is a very supportive coach, he has tailored plans to suit my lifestyle and needs. I feel like I am making constant progress. I am pushed just the right amount to achieve my goals and I am kept motivated. John has helped me build routines that makes fitness an easy and enjoyable part of my life, not a chore. Not only has John supported my fitness journey, he has helped get my life on track through life coaching sessions. These have become a huge value to me. Any areas I need support with such as relationships, diet, work, stress management, smoking, John has been able to work through them with me with amazing results. You only need to want the change and John will guide you through it, this man has put up with my moaning, anger, sweat and tears, and turned them into positivity. I highly recommend his services. John always goes the extra mile for all of his clients. More...

11 September 2020

John is a patient and knowledgeable coach using his many experiences and vast training regimes to customise your program so it is best for you, be that from life coaching workers at home, or clients in the gym environment. John has the tools to help you improve yourself to become the person you've always seen yourself to be. More...

9 September 2020

Since working with John my life has progressed, and I am more confident – I’m happier to stand up for myself and put myself out of my comfort zone. If you want to make positive changes, he will give you the tools to do that More...

9 September 2020

I met when John when I changed gyms in Jan 201&, I had been working with another personal trainer, so had some idea of how to train and stay motivated. What John did was to start again and teach me how to use dumbbells and kettle bells when the gym was busy, which gave me confidence in my body, look at my food intake and the naughty list of foods including accountability and being accountable to him, due to this introduction to different foods I now follow a plant based lifestyle to go with my daily foods. We have also looked at how to use machines properly to get the best out of them, slowed down the reps to make things harder and to gain muscles. John has helped me deal with two operations, both mentally and physically. This was to remove Melonoma from my body, first was lungs second was major operation resulting in some of my pancreas and spleen removal. Both time’s we have started again from scratch and worked on the parts of my body to rebuild, the result is I am healthier than I have ever been, mentally in a better space and ready to fight if I have to have another operation. John is a lovely guy, who cares about his clients, he is also not just about the Pt part of the training, but mind body and soul, which has enabled him to be able to turn his Pt skills into life coaching. Don’t hesitate to contact John as he would be an asset to you in the gym as a pt or a life coach in your personal life. I would have been lost without the structure and support that he has given to me over the last 2 and a half years. Thanks to you John I am still standing today ! More...

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