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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Edinburgh-based Istomedia Ltd has been building websites and helping people promote online since 1995. With over 500 satisfied clients, we feel confident we can help you promote your goods or services in the best possible way.

Our experience covers from web design and development to social media promotion.

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31 January 2018

I have been working with Istomedia Ltd for about ten years now and am very satisfied with their services. Nicholas Rossis and his team always attend to my requests very quickly and efficiently.


Helping people realize their dreams. Working as a web developer and Internet marketer holds a particular appeal to me, as Internet marketing and web design require the perfect blend of creativity and practicality; a challenge I particularly enjoy. I also love writing, so copywriting and book promotion are things I feel passionate about.

It was 1995. I had just started my Ph.D. in Edinburgh when my supervisor asked me if I had any experience with this newfangled thing called the Internet. I said I kinda I did. "Good," he said. "You have 3 days to build us a website for the Cybercafe project."

To everyone's surprise (mine, included), I did. I spent 3 days asking around and reading (Google didn't even exist back then) and did manage to build a website that wouldn't win any awards, but did the job. Thankfully, my subsequent jobs did manage to win awards--or, at least, honorable mentions!

Since we started out in 1995, we have accumulated an experience few others do, with over five hundred customers throughout the UK, Europe, and the US. Even so, we pride ourselves on our low prices!


We wish to serve all clients, from the smallest company to the largest organization. We believe that we have the necessary experience to offer complete solutions.

What sets us apart from other companies is the fact that we can develop a website from scratch using a simple text editor. At the same time, we have become WordPress experts, allowing us to customize each website according to the client needs, using any content they desire. We believe web design offers infinite possibilities, and it is a shame to repeat the same design over and over again.

What is the best way to use social media? This may sound like a simple question (e.g. “make a Facebook page”), but in truth, a company’s choices are ever increasing.

The “explosion” in social media demonstrates how important it is for a company to have the right person helping them navigate these confusing waters. Istomedia’s specialized professionals can help companies in this. We can help design, implement and support a social media campaign that will achieve the ideal result.

Company owner, Nicholas Rossis, Ph.D., is an established author with 16 published titles, which he has successfully been promoting for years (most of these have repeatedly reached #1 on Amazon). This has helped with our specialization in copywriting projects. We have been composing web content on behalf of our clients for years for both websites and blogs.

Company owner, Nicholas Rossis, Ph.D., is also an established author with 16 published titles, which he has successfully been promoting for years (most of these have repeatedly reached #1 on Amazon). His blog, www.nicholasrossis.me, has been helping for years writers and authors build their brand and discover new ways to promote their work, and he is considered an expert in the tricky field of book promotion--a field which requires constant attention as it changes constantly.